Let The Music Play

Farmers Market Musicians
Whoever heard of going to a farmers market to listen to excellent music? Well, let me tell you something, brothers and sisters. If you go to the Negros Weekend Farmers Market on Saturday morning, you may just catch two great musicians performing. They don’t sing but they sure can play the fiddle and the acoustic guitar!

Who are these guys? Nimrod Villamarzo and Ashley Ledesma. I doubt many call a violin a fiddle in this area but that is what I call it. I was really intrigued with this stylist playing of the fiddle and this young man really puts his heart into playing.

If you are looking for instrumentalist song stylists to play at your private celebration or fiesta, these two young men are available. Just go to the Negros Weekend Farmers Market and contact them. If they are not there, someone can give you their contact information.

Negros Weekend Farmers Market
Since you will already be at the Negros Weekend Farmers Market, why not browse around all the fruits, vegetables and local food products. I am sure you will find something you like, di ba?

The Negros Weekend Farmers Market food court has expanded and you should be able to find something you like eating.

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I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.