Rice Is Nice!

philippines-rice field
As many already know, rice is the staple food in the Philippines. Many eat rice 3 times per day, day in and day out! I am not so fond of rice on such a regular basis but I do enjoy rice from time to time, just not every day.

I do like rice because we grow it! We have 3.1 hectares of rice and we have 2 harvests each year. We do not have irrigation or otherwise, we would have 3 rice harvests each year. Currently, an un-milled sack of rice sells for P585 in our area of the Philippines. We sell as much of our rice as we like to one rice trader and we do not sell it by the kilo, which is a long, drawn out affair.

Rice Dishes

For breakfast, I can enjoy rice, with two over EZ eggs and I mix the eggs with the rice. It is actually yummy. But other mornings, I enjoy grits, with over EZ eggs. I also enjoy biscuits and gravy, so I have a good variety to choose from.

Spanish Rice! I love Spanish Rice! Tomato sauce, bell peppers, onion, and crispy bacon all mixed together in one rice dish.

Chicken and Rice. I take any cut of chicken I am interested in on that particular day and make one of my favorite dishes that includes rice. I cook this dish in one pot. The chicken, the rice and grated ginger. I get a good boil going with a homemade broth, add the chicken, the rice and the ginger, lower the fire, and let it simmer. Wow! It is fabulous. The rice really soaks up the taste of the chicken.

Dirty Rice. This is very simply made and the rice dish will be brown in color, so this is why it is called dirty rice! Chopped chicken livers, chicken gizzards and rice, cooked in one pot. Flavorings according to taste. Dirty rice is well known as a Cajun dish down in Louisiana but you can prepare it right here in the Philippines. Ayee!

Stir Fried Rice. This is one dish in that you can really let your imagination run wild! The sky is the limit. I lived in mainland China and in Hong Kong for 9 years but nowhere could I find the fabulous fried rice dishes that I ate in Chinese-American Restaurants back in the States. There was chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice, pork fried rice, beef fried rice and pretty plain egg fried rice. But, wow! So delicious. I am sure you can kick up some fried rice at home using your own imagination. Don’t forget, you must use cold rice when making stir fried rice and you must cook it in a wok or skillet! Don’t forget the soy sauce seasoning!!

Beans and Rice. My favorites are black eyed peas and rice, red beans and rice and black beans and rice. In the Philippines, black eyed peas in our area are known as white sitao and black eyed peas over rice is known as Hoppin’ John!  Both black beans and red beans are available in the Philippines but make sure you are not using the Chinese black beans with this dish, otherwise, they will be far to salty to eat! Yes, Chinese black beans are salted beans. All bean and rice dishes are 100% better if you add sausage! The local chorizo and longaniza will work but I prefer Kielbasa, Italian or the Portuguese Linguica Sausages. Yes, they are all available here in the Philippines!

Rice does not sound so bad after all, now does it? You can really do a lot with rice and it does not have to be eaten plain!

Rice is really nice and you can kick it up a few notches right here in the Philippines.