Disclaimer and Public Notice

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Disclaimer and Public Notice

I, Gary McMurrain, have not been affiliated with Steve Fleming or the website, Retiring to the Philippines since September 20, 2015. For almost 3 years, I wrote many nice and positive articles about the Philippines on Retiring to the Philippines website and it was not for a salary. It was my personal effort to promote the Philippines as an excellent country for foreigners to retire.

Steve Fleming is the Administrator of Retiring to the Philippines website. He can edit my previous articles in any manner he wishes and re-publish them to reflect me, Gary McMurrain, in a bad light. I have no authority on Retiring to the Philippines to prevent such actions. I was told from Day One that I was the co-owner of Retiring to the Philippines, however, Steve Fleming changed my password and I no longer have access to the website in any official capacity.

I disclaim on this date in Bacolod City Philippines, September 28, 2015, the accuracy of any information bearing my name, which appears on Retiring to the Philippines. I disclaim any information which appears on the website Retiring to the Philippines.

I remain the co-owner of Retiring to the Philippines, yet I am not responsible for that site under its present conditions and management by Steve Fleming, a UK national, according to him.


~ Gary McMurrain ~
Bacolod City Philippines