Starting A Farm In The Philippines

Concerning agriculture land, it is best to buy a current working farm with a history of crop diversification rather than buying land that needs much work to prepare it for higher yield in producing crops. Some land is “ill” from being over-planted many years with the same crop. There has never been crop diversification on certain lands. Crop yields can be very poor and not worth the effort to even plant in its current condition.

However, if you find an excellent bargain and are patient, you will receive much help in the Philippines. Many agencies are here to assist. Of course, the Dept of Agriculture. The Rice Research Institute, Sugar Regulatory Authority, the Philippine Coconut Authority, the Fibre Development Authority, the National Tobacco Administration, the Cotton Development Authority, the Bureau of Plant Industry, the Bureau of Post-Harvest Research and Extension, the Bureau of Soils and Water Management, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fishery Product Standards, the Bureau of Agriculture Statistics, the Mango Congress and probably others I am forgetting.

There are a number of universities deeply involved in various agriculture researches, including growing oranges. The Ag majors and staff at these universities are usually excited to educate farmers with latest technology.

Before we moved to the Philippines in 2009, my wife and I did extensive research concerning the Agribusiness in the Philippines. We decided it would be among our major investments and it has been a consistent and ongoing success the past 6 years.

Location and Agriculture Research

Farm location in the Philippines is very important. Crops that may produce a bountiful harvest in one area may do poorly in another area. Find out the main agriculture crops in your area but don’t be afraid to experiment. Also do not be afraid of making changes on your farm. For example, on our size farm, sugarcane was no longer a viable crop due to falling prices at the sugar mill. What did we do? We did not replant sugarcane after the last harvest but instead, planted rice.

Some Self Sufficiency

Plan wisely and utilize the land you have to maintain a working farm, year round.

One hectare of quality farmland can provide all the meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables for a family of 4 for one year! You can believe that.

Please don’t forget to plant vegetables which can utilize trellis. You will be growing up and not out, thus utilizing the best of your farmland.

Goats, cattle and carabao involve very little cost since they are grazing animals. Have an area of your farm where the livestock can graze without interfering with the rest of your farm.

Dairy Goats are the way to go! Buy several and start your goat herd today. Many goats give birth to twins, as we have experience a number of times the past 6 years. The cost for the purebred Nubian Goats is P15,000-P20, 000 each.

My wife and I have been in the Agribusiness for more than 6 years. Neither one of us have done any actual farm work. We have an experienced and honest farm manager, who takes care of the farm. He hires part time agricultural workers as needed for harvest and for other farm chores.

Farming is great! Producing food for others in such a joy for me personally.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~