Foodie at Home in Bacolod

We enjoy going out to eat in local restaurants several times each week but my wife and I agree that the best food we enjoy is made at home. Eating for Filipinos doesn’t seem to be a problem but some expats are picky about their variety of food and I am to some extent but not overboard. I don’t require my food to be imported from the USA, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. There are a few food items, which are part of my diet, that just aren’t produced in the Philippines, so yeah, I buy those imported items as needed.

Breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day. For me, I often eat Brunch instead of breakfast but I do have a few breakfast favorites. Rolled Oats, which are imported from Australia, is one. Grits, imported from the USA, is another. Grits consist of coarsely ground white corn and served as a thick porridge. I enjoy pancakes and my favorite one step hotcake mix is a product of the Philippines. It is Pillsbury Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Hotcake Mix, readily available at SM Supermarket.

Eggs Benedict

One of my real favorite breakfast foods is Eggs Benedict. There are probably many recipes for this delightful dish but I have my own. An egg poacher is not required! I start with 3 cups of water in a deep wok. I add one capfull of white vinegar and bring the water to a boil. To make things easy, I crack each egg into a separate, small coffee cup and just slide the eggs into the boiling water in the wok. One at a time. My eggs are usually ready in 2-3 minutes and are still over easy but cooked with enough heat for safe eating. During the process of poaching the eggs, I also have my English muffins split and in the toaster. I have my Canadian Bacon ready to go. English Muffin first on the plate, add the Canadian Bacon and the poached egg goes on top. I don’t add Hollandaise Sauce to my Eggs Benedict but purists must have it. Go for it! A splash of Worcestershire or hot sauce is popular among others.

I buy English Muffins from Kuster’s Food Hub in Lopues Mandalagan Shopping Center. Canadian Bacon is available at Aribu’s Sausages and Cold Cuts in the Mandalagan Art District.

Snack time! I don’t eat potato chips everyday but I like them from time to time. I make sure I have some on hand when I do want potato chips. Lay’s Potato Chips are available at local supermarkets but there are several Philippine brand potato chips that are very good.

Farmer John Mesquite BBQ Potato Chips

Farmer John makes several flavors of potato chips and they are all very good, in my opinion.

Outback Potato Chips

The potatoes used to make these chips are 100% USA potatoes, the name is Outback and made in the Philippines. Great marketing! The potato chips are very good.

American Heritage Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Great for snacks, great on burgers, in chili con carne, on sandwiches and in salads. American Heritage is imported from Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is available at Lopues Mandalagan and the cost is P169 per package.

What is for supper? BBQ ribs. I will save that Foodie at Home for my next post. As Chef Bobby Flay always says, it is time for “Grillin’ N Chillin!”






Kuster’s Smoked Ham and Food Hub in Bacolod

A new and interesting food cart has opened at Lopues Mandalagan Shopping Center. Kuster’s Smoked Ham and Food Hub is located next to Roli’s, near the grocery store entrance. What is unique about this food cart is all the food that is sold is homemade. The hams are personally smoked, the different breads are baked fresh and not bought for reselling.

Food Cart

You can order food to eat right away or order food to go. You don’t have to buy a whole ham, asĀ  you can buy as little as 200 grams or as much as a kilo. The smoked ham sandwiches are very good, so no need to buy grams or kilos. My wife and our son lean more toward Philippine food, so if that is what you also like, Kuster’s can fix you right up. Lumpia or Philippine spring rolls are excellent, as is the morosqueta rice.

I am really excited about the English muffins!! This is the first time I have seen English muffins anywhere for sale in Bacolod City. I bought 3 packs of English muffins at Kuster’s to take home. Smoked ham on an English muffin with a fried egg will really start your day out with a smile. Whatta breakfast! Mrs Kuster makes the English muffins from scratch and they are fabulous. I know English muffins very well and I have since I was a young boy. English muffins for breakfast were my favorites since the 1960s and still are today.

There are so many things you can do with English muffins! Eggs Benedict is one of my favorites. A poached egg on top of smoked ham or Canadian Bacon, on a toasted English muffin. Eggs Benedict! Cheese, cream cheese, jelly, jam, marmalade, Vegemite, butter or your favorite sandwich spread will go well on an English muffin. Liver pate will work. I’ve never tried it but bagoong, or shrimp paste, will work, too!

It seems that every month in Bacolod brings us new places to eat and new places to buy food. I am busy trying to keep up with the all new places!