Rio Greeno’s Pizza in Bacolod

Located at the beginning of Lacson Extension, off Alijis Road, is Rio Greeno’s Pizza. Not to be confused with “Greeno’z Pizza” on Alijis Road. Rio Greeno’s is located in what look likes a two story house. We were there recently for a pizza to go, for taking to the beach.

While we did not dine in, there is a spacious dining area. Other than pizza and pasta, Rio Greeno’s also has Filipino and Swiss Food on their menu.

Waiting for Pizza

The wait for pizza was not long but long enough to enjoy a refreshing drink and look over the menu.

A cold one

There is a nice waiting area if you are taking pizza out.

Swiss Menu

Just a small peek for you concerning the Swiss Food on the menu.

Pizza Menu

A sneak peek at the Pizza Menu. There are more than 12 pizzas listed on the menu but you can also customize your own pizza.

Wall of Postcards

Take time out to look at the wall of postcards from Switzerland and other places.

Pepperoni Pizza

Rio Greeno’s turns out the kind of pizza I enjoy and that is, one made from scratch. I judge a good pizza by its crust. It doesn’t matter to me what the toppings are if the crust is not good. The kind of pizza that turns me off are the ones made from thick, prefab dough. Yeah, you know the place! Rio Greeno’s is not it. No, I am not getting paid to write this. Our son is also an excellent judge of good pizza and he enjoys Rio Greeno’s Pizza. He has been a little outspoken in the past when we would order pizza at other restaurants. When the pizza arrived at our table and before even tasting it, he said, “You call this pizza?” It is not the waiter or waitress’s fault, son. He understands now, not to be so outspoken. 

Pizza on the Beach

In line with one of the purposes of All Around Bacolod, I think that Rio Greeno’s is a restaurant that expats will enjoy going to and having a pizza and/or trying their Swiss Menu. We had rather dine in but we had already planned a beach trip last Saturday and we wanted to take pizza instead of having a BBQ on the beach.