Internet Information in the Philippines

Internet Philippines
There are a number of resources I often use on the internet concerning my writing and concerning expanding my personal knowledge. One is the Official Gazette of the Philippines. It is the official Philippines Govt website.

Chan Robles Virtual Law Library is the best site that I have found in researching Philippine Laws, Executive Orders and Presidential Decrees.

Of all the online Philippines newspapers, the Inquirer is by far my #1 favorite site for news. When I lived in Manila and read an actual newspaper from the news stand, I liked the Manila Bulletin. The Inquirer seems to have the Breaking News first among all the online newspapers in the Philippines. Mon Tulfo and his “On Target” column contributors are not timid or afraid in reporting about anyone, from top to bottom and all in between.

I read the online version of the Visayan Daily Star, with news from all around Negros Occidental. It has the feel of a small town newspaper, even though Bacolod is a mid-size city.

When it comes to reading a reputable blog about the Philippines, I have been reading The Filipino Scribe on a regular basis since 2012. I have known Mark Madrona, who is indeed the Filipino Scribe, since 2012. I have read a number of Mark’s articles over the years, which were breaking stories even before the online Philippines newspapers published it. Everything you read on Mark’s blog is spot on and you can believe that!

internet-connection philippines
Living in the Philippines3 Yahoo Group is a great source of information about the Philippines from contributors, who are the members of the group. I learn something new or get a different slant on various hot topics concerning the Philippines every single day.

I am the Administrator of Living in the Philippines3 and Don Herrington is the owner of the Group. Don has lived in the Philippines for 25 years and he is among my best expat friends. Living in the Philippines3 has more than 18,000 members and there are daily discussions concerning many topics that foreigners want to know about the Philippines. On Living in the Philippines3, we promote this wonderful country and the beautiful people, Filipinos.

My internet is provided by Globe Tattoo and it is perfect for me due to my location in Bacolod City. Some others do not have the same fast connection as I enjoy because they live in a different location in the city. The signal is strong in our home because we are not many kilometers from the towers.

Knowledge Is Power

If you are actually living in the Philippines, you will still be able to get the information you need from around the world via internet, in cities and towns. There are very rural areas in the Philippines with poor or maybe even zero internet. However, very few foreigners live in those areas due to isolation and remoteness.

I will soon be age 61 but I never stop learning and acquiring new information of interests. Everyday for me is a greater learning experience with information I gather from the internet.


I am a baseball and American football fan. Every year, I have several baseball and football Fantasy teams on both CBS Sports and on ESPN. I am able to draft my team online before the season begins, make trades with other fantasy team owners, drop players and add players from the waiver wire. I always join the free leagues or start my own free league. Pure Prairie League is the name of my league in both baseball and American football. I never join the pay leagues and I never gamble on my fantasy sports teams. It is just for fun and bragging rights. This past season, 2 of my 3 fantasy baseball teams on CBS Sports won their league championships.

Naming your fantasy teams is all part of the fun. I enjoy coming up with catchy team names but there are two names I have used for years. El Scorpions and El Banditos. I am the owner, General Manager and Manager or Coach of my fantasy teams and I actually feel a bond with my teams.

American Football, NFL, kicked off in September and I have fantasy teams on ESPN and on CBS Sports. I am using new team names for the first time. New Age Outlaws and El Rayo-X.

I also enjoy 3D Mahjong, solo on my favorite mahjong site, A-Games. I play a little while everyday but I never spend hours on end playing. There is a clock to beat in clearing all the mahjong tiles and points are scored. My highest score is a little more than 60,000 and I am trying to meet my personal challenge of hitting 61,000 one day. When I need a break from writing and reading, I play 3D Mahjong for 30 minutes or so.

Personally, I think the internet is one of the greatest inventions and you will not go without access in most areas of the Philippines.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~