Rust Never Sleeps

I read a recent study of 328 adults over age 60, by Rutgers University and University of Cal Davis. Those with low Vitamin D were on the fast track to further memory loss and dementia.

If you can tolerate a tablespoon of daily cod liver oil, you are getting almost 300% of your daily required Vitamin D.

Getting out in the sunshine is something I do daily, specifically for the natural Vitamin D. There are also plenty of Vitamin D rich foods available in the Philippines.

Just Eat It!

Fish, fish and more fish! Smoked fish seems to provide the most Vitamin D. Smoked salmon and smoked swordfish, especially. Even canned sardines and tuna give you much Vitamin D. My friend Roy’s favorite fish, tilapia (not!) gives you about 20% of your daily required Vitamin D. I would rather eat sardines than tilapia.

If you can find them in your area, fresh Portabello Mushrooms will load you up with Vitamin D.

Maybe there is more to why I see some expats loading up their shopping carts in Bacolod with American imported breakfast cereals? Total and Raisin Bran are good sources of Vitamin D. Cheerios and Corn Flakes…not so much. Fruit Loops, forget about it.

Tofu, cheese, yogurt, butter and skim milk have a decent amount of Vitamin D for you. So does almond milk.

I have never seen caviar in Bacolod but have seen it in Manila. Even back then, it was expensive. $90 for a small jar with only 20 servings. No thank ya! China had locally produced economy caviar that I bought regularly and it was so reasonable. However, it was Chinese caviar and no guarantee what you were actually getting. But for a couple of bucks a jar, it was tasty. Caviar has Vitamin D.

Pork.The other white meat. Lean ham, pork ribs, pork shoulder, pork sausage and pork loin. Vitamin D.

Eggs. Hard boiled and goose eggs provide the most Vitamin D. Duck eggs are also good. Balut is probably loaded with Vitamin D! Regardless, a daily egg is now deemed ok for you by many medical and dietary experts. Over EZ, poached, scrambled and omelet style all work. I would suppose that a raw egg cracked into a glass of San Miguel Pale Pilsen may work as well.

Warning Signs

I have written in the past about the importance of Vitamin D. Since the topic of nursing homes and dementia came up recently among expats, I wanted to write an article about it again.

Many people do not realize that a vitamin deficiency can lead to adverse affects on your health. A magnesium deficiency can also lead to diminished mental capacity at any age.

Keeping my mind sharp & alert is very important to me. Overall, my mind is my best friend and I don’t want to lose it. You can’t replace a head, so once the mind is gone, it’s gone forever. Very few have returned from that once the line has been crossed.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

Keeping Healthy and Alternative Medicine

quack doctor 7
Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies and Folk Medicine do not work for everyone. None work forever because none of us live forever on the planet.

I am not on any Rx meds and I am thankful everyday. I can’t remember for sure the last time I had to take an antibiotic or a Tylenol but it has been well over 20 years ago. I have taken TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), utilized acupuncturists, have taken natural Philippine Folk Medicine and have utilized helots. They work for me 100% or at least have up to this point. But these may not work for you!

I learned Tai Chi years ago but I tweaked what I learned and have my own method. It works best for me but it may not work for you. I have no interest in marketing my own Tai Chi system.

Road To Recovery

The MDs who are honest will admit that their patients who believe in a higher power, practice a faith or are affiliated with a church have a higher recovery rate than those who believe in nothing at all. There has been many research papers written about this for many, many years.

I attribute my excellent health at age 61 more to my Faith in Divine Health from above than anything else. However, I also do a few external things to help. I enjoy Tai Chi. I also avoid harsh and harmful Western style medications. I am blessed that I don’t need to rely on those at this point in my life. However, if I had to, I would to extend my life.

Since 1985, I have used the less invasive treatment first when I needed medical intervention. I don’t take pain relievers when having a mild headache or having muscular aches and pains. Others must and I am not being critical. I use Tiger Balm and it works for me. It may not work for you! I learned how to control the pain. Of course, if my appendix ruptured, I can’t control that! I would be in a world of hurt and I would be on my way to the ER. I am referring to minor ailments that can be overcome without meds.

Less Is Always Best

Less meds and less surgeries are always best, when possible. Some famous progressive MDs on the scene today, such as Dr Samadi, Dr Siegal and Dr Micozzi agree. Too many surgeries are performed without trying something less invasive first. Antibiotics and other meds are too often prescribed when not really needed.

In Bacolod City, there are many Wellness Centers and Alternative Medicine Clinics. I agree if the ailment is not an emergency and is not life threatening, why not try something else first? Something that is less invasive and is actually less expensive. An American once told me he did not believe in this crap! I told him, “then, it is not for you!” I left it at that.

I know a foreigner in the NIR, Negros Island Region, who eats chicken 3 X per day and never tires of it. He believes chicken keeps him healthy. You may be shocked how many years he has eaten only chicken as his meat. It is his belief but it is not my belief that I must only eat chicken. It works for him, perhaps, but it will not work for me. I am about ready for a chili dog.

For any medical treatment to be effective, the patient must believe in the one treating them and the method they are using to help them recover. That’s my opinion and others may have a different opinion.

Prayerfully, everyone remains in good health and prospers!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~

Green Shell Mussels

Mussels have long been one of my favorite seafood even before I ever came to the Philippines. I am blessed here in that you can buy a kilo, or 2.2 pounds, of mussels in Bacolod City for less than $2 USD. P50-P70 is the going price at the public market where we shop, depending on what you can bargain them for. Many local people in the Bacolod Area refer to mussels as “Green Shells.”

When steamed or boiled, the green shell mussels have a nice, natural red color.

Green Shell Mussels

These mussels were prepared by boiling them in salt water, taking off the top shell, garnishing them with fried slivers of garlic and grated cheese, and then baking until the cheese melted.

WoW! Now, we are talking. I really enjoyed these mussels, as always.

Mussels and Fries

I don’t  eat much rice on a daily basis, so my wife prepared fries instead. The ketchup with the fries is mixed with wasabi, to kick them up a notch. I also like wasabi as a dip with the mussels. My lovely wife studied Culinary Science in Singapore and she also knows the gadgets to use. She has a cutter to turn out the crinkle cut or waffle style potatoes when doing the French Fries. All this was done in our home, as you just can’t get food this good in a restaurant! My wife also taught me about cooking, although, I must say that I was not a novice before. I have improved!

Mussels are very healthy, so no need to be concerned. Mussels are grittier and chewier than oysters but they are still very good  for you and they make your tum, tum, tummy very happy!

Mussels are actually low in calories and low in fat but rich in protein. Believe It… Or Not? It is true, you can believe it!

Mussels are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B, Vitamin C, folate, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium. Vitamin B-12, especially! Mussels are sounding better all the time.

There are many ways to prepare mussels and you can use them to create many dishes. For me, I like them on the half shell. If I am preparing mussels only for myself, I like to steam them in beer. Beer steamed mussels. Don’t worry, the alcohol in the beer is not in the mussels. Beer is not only for drinking but good to use in steaming seafood. Beer steamed crabs also rock!

Green Shell Mussels are available very cheaply in every area of the Philippines that I have ever visited or where I have lived. Mussels are really an incredible seafood! Great taste, healthy and packed full of nutrients.












Calamansi or Kalamansi

Don’t worry, either spelling will work. For those not familiar, calamansi is the native Philippine lime and there are many uses for it.


We have calamansi growing in pots in our subdivision in Bacolod City. At our farm, south of Bacolod, we have calamansi growing naturally.

Calamansi Close Up

The calamansi, Philippine native limes, are smaller than limes we are accustomed to in the USA but they are still very good. Calamansi is sometimes referred to as golden limes because the flesh is golden color.

Just One More Tine!

Another calamansi growing. Calamansi is a staple in the Philippines.

Chicken inasal, the local version of BBQ chicken, always requires a dipping sauce. The customary sauce is calamansi, soy sauce and vinegar.

Many are aware of dried mango. Well, there is also dried calamansi fruit!

Calamansi is diverse and it can be used in beverages, purees, syrups, marmalade, jam and candies. It is a perfect condiment or flavoring ingredient to food, which require lime juice. Yeah, such as seafood, my favorite.

One of the first beverages I ever had in the Philippines, way back in 1986, was calamansi juice. A simple native juice drink. It can be served hot or cold.

Let’s not forget the health benefits of calamansi. It is loaded with Vitamin C and it reportedly helps with digestion and with blood circulation.

Whenever you are in the Philippines, especially in the Bacolod Area, you will see calamansi most every day. Squeeze a calamansi today!





2012 Panaad sa Negros Festival

The Panaad Festival kicked off on Monday, April 9, and will end on Sunday, April 15. The weekend will be the highlights of the Festival but every day is good. We heard the fireworks from our home on the opening night.

Tropical Treasures

There is a little bit of everything at the Panaad Festival. Almost every city, town and municipality in Negros Occidental has an exhibit.

More Tropical Treasures

Food and drink are one of the many pleasures at the Panaad Festival. Luscious fruit, fabulous vegetables, native cuisine and native drinks make an enjoyable experience.

Miami Dolphins??

Not today! Philippine Dolphins at Panaad. 

More Luscious Beauty

It really is more fun in the Philippines!!

Oh, yes! We have some bananas!

There are many types of bananas grown in Negros Occidental and this is one showcase.

Five more days to go in the Panaad Festival. I will be there every day and I will share more. If you have a juicer, blender or food processor, just imagine all the great drinks you can whip up from the fruits and vegetables from the Panaad Festival. The Showcase of Negros Occidental, my home. It is Showtime!




Healthy Juice

Healthy Green Juice

It is that time of the year again here in the Philippines! Summer Time. March 1 kicked off the summer season in our area. I remember back in my Flori-Days when I lived south of Miami and making a summer time juice in the old juicer or food processor was a real way to beat the heat. And stay healthy, too!

In the Philippines, there are many juices available in stores and in restaurants. Mango, pineapple, coconut, Four Seasons, are all common and there are many different juices made with multiple fruits.

Healthy green juice is one of my favorites but I also like the fruity juices for plain ole enjoyment.

I live in the Philippines, so I have a few more things at my disposal to make a healthy juice. The Healthy Green Juice is made from avocado, malunggay, cucumber, celery, lettuce and/or spinach and pineapple. If it is too thick, you can add coconut water.

The kinds of juice that you make is only limited by your imagination! Who knows? You may create a new rage of the age among those who enjoy drinking a healthy juice or drinking a juice just for the pure pleasure.