Philippine Craft Beers


Craft Beer is gaining popularity in the Philippines! For sure, when you take your first sip of a craft beer, you can immediately tell that it is a different taste from the commercially mass produced beer. To be honest, there is a good chance that you will either like craft beer or you will hate it! Never to try it again. Some of the craft beers remind me of the home brew my dad made back in Alabama. It did not have the same taste of Budweiser!


Right in Bacolod City, we have Bogsbrew, which is actually brewed here. It is a craft beer made with organic rice, malted barley, Negros Island muscovado sugar, wild bee honey, aromatic hops and natural mountain spring water. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I have friends who like Bogsbrew and I have other friends who tried it and while they did not say it is bad beer, they said it is different. I agree totally that it is different from the mass produced commercial beer and some prefer San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

I was having lunch with friends at Cafe Bob’s Deli a week or so ago and I tried a Bogsbrew Primo Ale for the first time. I really enjoyed it! I had the regular Bogsbrew on many occasions over the last four years and the Primo Ale is remarkably good! It has a different taste from the famous UK Newcastle Brown Ale, aka Newkie Brown, but Primo Ale was still great in my opinion.

There are not many places I know of in the Bacolod Area that sells Bogsbrew. Cafe Bob’s Deli, The Negros Showroom on Lacson Street and The Ruins near Barangay Bata are the only places I know where I can buy Bogsbrew. When my brother Bobby visited us from Florida in 2012, we took him to The Ruins and I introduced him to Bogsbrew. He liked it!

Other Philippine Craft Beers

katipunan beer

Katipunan Craft Beer is an Indio Pale Ale and it is not commonly found in Bacolod to my knowledge. If any readers know where to buy Katipunan Beer in Bacolod, please let us know. Thanks! 

Fat Pauly's2

Fat Pauly’s Ales and Lagers are brewed in Iligan City, Philippines.

I do not drink craft beers on a regular basis but I enjoy having one or two when we are out and about. Always a nice treat!