Several days ago, Bacolod Central Market had, what looked like a ton, of crayfish for sale! At P50 a kilo, it was a pretty good buy, too. Crayfish look like baby lobsters, complete with claws. We only buy crayfish if they are still alive and they were at Central Market.

There are a number of different ways to prepare these delicious shell fish, depending on if you like them hot and spicy or mild. Adding red pepper flakes or actual chili peppers to the water when boiling the crayfish will kick them up a notch. Steaming will work, too. Once the crayfish turn red in color, they are ready to eat!

A dip will add to the taste of crayfish. Melted butter is a favorite. I like cocktail sauce, so I make my own using ketchup, wasabi or horseradish and lemon, lime or the local citrus known as kalamansi. Using your imagination to create a dip for crayfish is part of the enjoyment of eating.

A Plate of Crayfish

A plate of Crayfish

If you want to create a festival atmosphere to feed many people, you can have a Crayfish Boil! It is always a big hit among hungry people unless they just don’t like seafood. A large 3-5 gallon pot is needed for the Crayfish Boil. You can add other shellfish, such as clams and/or mussels. A few crabs thrown in will brighten up a few faces.  Other ingredients include corn on the cob, potatoes, smoked sausage, two heads of garlic, bay leaves and 2 or 3 large onion. Be sure to season the water to your taste with herbs and spices before boiling. Boil the garlic, onions, corn and potatoes first before adding the smoked sausage and then the shell fish go in last.



9 thoughts on “Crayfish

  1. Hello Gary,

    Marilu buys these pretty regularly from the Talisay wet market. I always thought they were shrimps. The San Joaquine Delta in Northern California is famous for their crayfish. They’re a lot smaller than the ones you have a picture of and it takes a heck of a lot of them to fill you up.

    Jim Custer

  2. Thank you for your comments, Jim. Personally, I like crawfish better than the crayfish. The crawfish famous in Louisiana and in Florida. I tried to get my hands on some crawfish here in the Bacolod Area but I never found any. They are easy to raise and I was going to culture some and introduce them as a cheap but good alternative to shrimp.

    ~ Gary ~

  3. These looks like ulang and not Louisiana crayfish or Australian red claw crayfish. Both I mentioned have bigger claws while the picture above shown no claws… I am planning to culture red Aussie crayfish when I return next year in silay..1 KG of ikg of red Crayfish here in Manila costs more or less 300 pesos.

  4. The crayfish picture you posted looks like fresh water prawns. It’s very good with garlic and butter. I lived in Hawaii and we would drive to the North Shore to eat prawns with garlic butter sauce.

  5. I’m planning to retire in Legaspi city n wanted to culture crawfish for personal use, while living in Florida I know that they get them from brackish water, is a place in the Philippines I can buy live ones to start my pond

    • Hi Allan,

      Live Crawfish are not available in our area of the Philippines, Negros Occidental. I have no idea about in Legaspi City but I wish you all the best in your search.

      ~ Gary ~

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