Chili Cook-Off

Gary’s First Annual Chili Cook-Off in Bacolod City is now officially in the planning stages! I am busy putting things together and will have an official announcement in the weeks ahead. There is much more involved in the planning stages than I originally anticipated and for a chili cook-off to be successful, it cannot just be haphazardly thrown together!

Start Practicing!

chili cookoff
There’s my entry!

I know there are thousands of wonderful chili recipes around the round world and I am looking forward to your chili recipe.


Beans! Pinto, Red Kidney, Black, Northern. Which is your favorite? I prefer pinto beans but will use red kidney beans for my chili. I have never been a fan of white bean chili.

Chili powder, some form of garlic and cumin are pretty much standard seasoning in most everyone’s chili and after that, your chili is only limited by your imagination! One of the more interesting ingredients in chili is cigar ash! Yep, I heard that a cowboy put cigar ash in his chili during the Terlingua Texas Chili Cook-off back in the 1970s! His recipe also called for Dead Cow Meat.

What is the best meat for chili? Everyone has their favorite. Ribeye steak, chuck roast, round roast, ground round beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, goat, lamb, sirloin, beef brisket, buffalo, blade steak, ground venison (deer), combo meats and whatever you like!

Celery? No thank you. Not in my chili.

Some like it hot! Which is the best pepper for chili? Poblano, Jalapeno, Ancho, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet? Now, we are talking some serious heat! I don’t enjoy extremely hot & spicy chili like I did in my younger days but I still like chili to have some bite. I use red pepper flakes in my chili with a side dish of pepperoncini peppers.

There you have it amigos, amigas and buckaroos. Get ready for some serious chili!

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I hope to see you one day, somewhere..all around Bacolod!