The Wonderful Watermelon

For those who have never been in the Philippines, watermelon is alive and kicking here. Most of the watermelon sold in our area of Bacolod City are from the Iloilo area, which is less than 2 hours by ferry or ship.

Going south of Bacolod in the area before Villadolid, there are many roadside vendors selling watermelon.

Squeezing the Melon

Yeah, he is at it again! One of my brothers in law is squeezing the watermelon at a roadside stand.

The nose knows!

My beautiful, adorable, charming wife has a better technique. She can smell the good watermelons and ferret out the best from among many to choose from.

Choose One?

There are many to choose from.

Watermelon is much more than just splitting them open, adding salt if you like and eating, as the juice runs down your hands.

With the right ingredients, watermelon will make a mean salsa. Add chopped watermelon, chopped bell peppers, kalamansi juice or lime juice, chopped green onions, sili peppers, chopped chili peppers or jalapenos, a dash of salt and now you got it! It is great with nachos, tortilla chips or corn chips.The cool watermelon is a nice balance with the hot peppers.

If you have a juicer, blender or a food processor, then you are in business. You can make many different kinds of watermelon drinks. You can have it plain or you can add other things to kick it up a few notches. Add coconut milk to have a wonderful watermelon shake. If you want a frozen treat, pour the watermelon shake into paper cups and put in the freezer. When about half frozen, add popsicle sticks and you will have a watermelon popsicle before too long. You can add mango juice and rum to watermelon juice to make a cocktail.

Adding watermelon to salads is always a nice treat. Just add chopped watermelon to your favorite salad.

Watermelon can be added to your favorite sandwich. Instead of tomato, add watermelon. You may be surprised!

The Wonderful Watermelon. It can bring a new love into your life.