The Power of Philippines Education

I am a very happy Daddy from Alabamy because our son’s education is in the Philippines and not in America.

We could not afford to send our son to a private school in Florida but we can very easily afford his attending a private Christian school in Bacolod. We do not force our son to attend a Christan school but he wants to attend a Christian school. He also enjoys going to Sunday School every Sunday. He doesn’t like to miss it.

In America, public schools have so many problems. The classrooms are overcrowded. Almost 1/4 of American students are living in poverty and they are very unhappy and at times, unstable. Many bring their problems and issues to school with them and they are a powder keg.

Bullying and Behavior

Another large problem in American schools is Bullying. This is a past time of students from all the socio-economic levels, even the affluent students. Bullying! In the Philippines, there is Zero Tolerance for Bullies. Most schools expel such students. However, the DepEd encourages parents to report bullies to them if the school Admin has not stopped it.

The attitude and behaviors of many American students have gotten worse since I last lived in Florida and that was 16 years ago. Apathy, disrespect for teachers, tardiness and absenteeism are all on the rise in American public schools.

Learning Values and Good Citizenship

Christian Values and Love of Country are alive and well in Philippine Schools, even in the public schools here. Those have long been destroyed by Liberals and removed from Schools in America. In our son’s school in Bacolod, there is Prayer, the National Anthem is played and the Pledge of Allegiance is done just like when I was in elementary school in America in the 1960s.

Drugs, Gangs and Guns! Our son is not threatened in schools in the Philippines like he would be in the USA. He knows about these but he is never exposed to them in schools of our area of the Philippines.

Recess and PE time has decreased in American schools. Students have less break time and time for exercise. Despite guidelines, school lunches often promote poor health and obesity. My wife and I ensure our son has a nutritional lunch everyday while in school. There is not a school cafeteria but my wife takes our son’s lunch to him. Hot and nutritional food. Food he likes and not with limited choices for lunch.

Filipinos will never allow to happen in the Philippines as what has happened in the USA. Their love of God and Love of Country will never be removed by a Liberal Movement.

Our son is a dual citizen of the USA and the Philippines. He loves the Philippines, enjoys living here and he is also the Top Honor Student in his Class. Yes, every year. We are so proud of him.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~