Paco Beach: Pulupandan

Paco Beach
It is not famous and while most expats and many Filipinos alike may have never heard of Paco Beach in Pulupandan, it is there! Pulupandan is south of Bacolod City and past Bago City. Pulupandan is more known for the boats going to Guimaras Island and you can now actually catch a RoRo with your vehicle from Pulupandan to Guimaras on the Montenegro Ship Lines.

Paco Beach
Of course, you will not be putting your vehicle on this size boat, however, this is the common passenger boat going to Guimaras Island.


Paco Beach
The front of the Paco Beach Restaurant

Paco Beach
A San Miguel Beer and pork leg, ordered at the Paco Beach Restaurant. Yummy! If you are looking for imported food at the restaurant, you will not find it, however, if you ask, you may be surprised what the cook can whip up for you, which is not on the regular menu.

Paco Beach
Some call this turo turo style food. Just lift the lid and take a peek. If it looks good, order it! There is a good selection of ice cold beverages to choose from.

paco beach
You can take a seat under the shade tree for a good view of the sea.

One of the great things about this area of the Philippines is that you can find interesting places off the beaten path and you will meet some wonderful people along the way. We did! We made several new Filipino friends last weekend while stopping by Paco Beach in Pulupandan.

Take care and I hope to see you one day, somewhere, all around Bacolod!

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