Chilled Crab Salad in the Philippines

Hot! Hot! Hot! This has been the hottest season since we moved to the Philippines. When the weather is hot for extended days, I am into eating cool food. This week, I prepared one of my favorites, which is chilled crab salad.

Chilled Crab Salad

The ingredients for this particular chilled crab salad are pretty simple and easy to find in Bacolod City supermarkets. I used crab sticks, chopped celery, boiled egg and Virginia Honey Cured Bacon. Fresh crab meat or canned crab meat may be used instead of crab sticks. All the ingredients were purchased at SM Supermarket. The sliced crab sticks and celery were chilled in the freezer a short time before preparing. I boiled several eggs but I only needed one in my chilled crab salad. After boiling, I allowed the egg to cool down before preparing the salad. Next, I fried the Virginia Honey Cured Bacon very crispy. I was then ready to mix the salad.

Prepared Chilled Crab Salad

I added one heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise and mixed the salad by hand. I garnished with Spanish Paprika and I had one kalamansi, or local lime, handy to drizzle the final ingredient before eating.

A Closer Look

If you prefer, crumbling the bacon is fine.

One a hot summer day, a chilled salad is hard to beat for lunch. There are so many other salad options but the chilled crab salad was my choice for lunch.