Christmas Vacation: Siquijor Island

Beginning on December 20, my wife, our son, a Filipino friend, 2 nieces in their 20s and I hit the road, to places we have never been before.

Our real destination was Siquijor Island, where a cousin lives with her 2 children. The RoRo departs for Larena, Siquijor at 10am and at 6pm from Dumaguete. We chose to spend the night in Dumaguete at an Inn with Executive Suites for P2,800, breakfast buffet included. All 6 of us comfortably slept in the same suite.

We had dinner at El Amigos Restaurant, which was a challenge..for me. Everyone had received their orders, had eaten and I was still waiting an hour later! I asked for the bill and told the Mgr to take my order off the bill because I was not waiting any longer and I was not paying for something I didn’t receive. It worked out. The others all said they enjoyed their food and good for them. I took everyone to McDonald’s and I had the Cheeseburger Deluxe Combo for P129. I enjoyed it.

Only the Bank of Commerce had an ATM in Dumaguete without very long lines on the 21st.

Larena, Siquijor

The 10am RoRo to Larena, Siquijor got us there before 12 Noon. We met the cousin and her 10 year old daughter for lunch. First time I had ever met them. She suggested Jo’s Chicken Ranch and that is where we had lunch. Very good food there at Jo’s.

The resort where we stayed in Laren was very nice. Once again, we were all able to comfortably sleep in their largest cottage, which was P2,800 per night and we stayed 2 nights.

Cliff Resort
Both nights, we dined at Vikings Sports Bar, not to be confused with Vikings Luxury Buffet. Their Spaghetti Marinara was very good, which I ordered both nights for dinner. Vikings also has a billiard table and an excellent karaoke system. My Filipino friend, 1 niece and I always enjoy singing. Vikings had many of my favorite songs on their karaoke system, including…My Sacrifice by Creed and…Jeremy by Pearl Jam.


On the 22nd, we drove around Larena, Maria, San Juan and the actual municipality of Siquijor, which is the island Govt Seat. The oldest Convent in Asia is located on Siquijor Island and also one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Visayas. We saw both but only toured the old church.

In Campalanas, Siquijor, there is a 400 year old Balete Tree and from the tree roots, a fresh water spring flows. In the spring are many Garra Rufa Fish, which nibble at your feet. Fish spa anyone? Frankly, I had the feeling that spirits live in the old Balete Tree. Sure enough, that is part of the folklore. Tikbalang Spirits dwell in the tree.

On site of the tree and fish spa park are 2 voodoo stores. Dolls and potions of all kinds for sale. I sure did not buy any!

Back to Bacolod City

We headed back to Bacolod on the 23rd and we took our time. We reached Kabankalan and our driver friend was tired, so we spent the night in a pension house. The suite to lodge us all was only P1700 per night. We dined at The Melting Pot and I ordered the whole deep fried catfish. I was very pleased with it. We went singing at Amigo’s Karaoke that night. Since Kabankalan is only about 2 hours from Bacolod, another Filipino friend from Bacolod joined us for singing.

The 24th breakfast was at Red Buck’s Cafe in Kabankalan. I ordered Eggs Benedict and I enjoyed it much.

After dropping the girls off in their home in the province, we came on home to Bacolod, arriving around 230pm. I admit I was a little tired from the whirlwind trip and I hit the rack at 930pm. I skipped out on the Midnight Noche Buena at a friend’s house. I needed the rest. No way was I going to wake up at 1130pm for that! I slept all through the night.

We all had a fabulous time this Christmas Vacation. I for one, get Rambling Fever from time to time and I enjoy road trips to places we have never been before. But only the interesting places, as I do not care one thing about going to one horse towns anymore.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~