Filipinas in the Philippines

The days of so called mail order brides have long been over. You can forget about that and I never liked that term, as it is degrading to women in the Philippines. Most women in the Philippines have never been for sale and I know. I have 30 years experience in the Philippines.

Women in the Philippines should not be viewed as being your slave, your servant or someone who will do everything you tell them. This is not reality and it is against the law. Abuse of Human Rights is a crime.

The Times, They Are a Changing

Many of the younger women in the Philippines cities are not the same as my Filipina friends when I first lived in the Philippines in 1986. They are not the same as when I lived here in 2000 and they are not the same as when I visited every year in the 1990s and leading up to when we moved here in 2009. I have seen a big change during the last 7 years. What the old GIs tell you about women in the Philippines is not true today. Times have changed and so have many women. Raise your hands and praise the women!

For one, we see more younger women in the Philippines with colored blonde, brown or red hair. Have seen several with green, purple, blue or pink colored hair! We see many more tattoos on younger women. We also see many more younger women drinking Red Horse or San Mig Light in public. We see many more younger women here smoking in public. We can say, this is progressive!

There are many call centers in Bacolod City, which is a mid-size city. It seems many younger women and men, in our area, head to the resto bars once they get off work in the morning hours.

I am not condemning anyone, however, I am relating what I see in our area. Also in Cebu City. Not just isolated incidents but most all the time. The older women in the Philippines, those age 30 and above, seem to be more Conservative. At least in public. You cannot paint all women in the Philippines with the same brush.

Social Changes

As I related, many of the younger Filipinas are undergoing social changes.

I will not stereotype all women in the Philippines but there is a generalization, which is true for many, age 30 and above. Maybe for some still in their 20s as well, depending on their location in the islands and their life experiences. This is about the Virtues and Values of most women in the Philippines and their role in Filipino Culture.

I think many foreign men have problems with a Filipina wife because they want to force their Culture upon them and they are not willing to embrace their wife’s Culture as well. It has to be a 2 way street, in my opinion, and this has worked for my wife and I. Compromise, give and take. Your way or the highway does not work in the Philippines. Once you are in the Philippines, you are in your wife’s country!

Regardless of the the Macho Man images among men, women run the family unit and control the finances. I fully accept this and my wife really does well with it all. Yes, my wife is from the Philippines. The family is the main unit in the community and the woman ultimately holds the power, even if behind the scenes. They have considerable authority. The Authority always wins! Like Southern Women and I am from the South, Sweet Home Alabama, Filipinas usually get their way. However, there is a greater equality among men and women in the Philippines in the work force and in politics than in most Asian countries.

Annulment and divorce are seen by many as destructive to the family and this is why it is not so easy in the Philippines to get an annulment and divorce does not exist.

Unlike in China, children who are girls are viewed by most as important and they are cherished as much as boys. Sometimes, even more so. As many of us know, there have been 2 Women Presidents in the Philippines and there may well be a 3rd in 2016. We shall see in May.

The Evil That Men Do

There is still a human trafficking problem in the Philippines and while it has not been wiped out, there is a war against it. What is sad is that some of their own country folk are exploiting women and girls. Prostitution, sex slaves, forced work in cyber sex dens and other degrading terror. It is a form of terrorism that we often do not read about. These recruiters and handlers prey upon the poor women and girls and in the Philippines. Sometimes, even their own relatives! And you can believe that! This does not just happen in the Philippines but also in many countries. I think there is a special place in Hell for such people.

International Filipinas

Filipinas not living in the Philippines and those who were born and raised in other countries have some different aspects about their roles in society. Many Filipinas have lived and worked abroad a number of years. My wife lived and worked abroad in 3 different countries for almost 15 years, so she has a broader perspective in her views than many women who have lived all their lives in the Philippines. There is a difference but they are still Filipinas. Praise well deserved to all of them.

I’ve had Filipina friends in 3 different countries and while there were differences, they all still had the same basic core Values and Virtues.

All Around Bacolod is not a dating site and we do not have lists of women in the Philippines, who are looking for foreigners. Please do not ask.

I will be honest. Many foreigners come to the Philippines in hopes of meeting their lifetime partner. Others come here with less honorable intentions. It can be a slippery slope. To all Filipinas, please be careful! All foreigners are not gentlemen and honorable. Beware!

I hope to see you somewhere, one day…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~