Thanksgiving In Bacolod 2013

Butterball Turkey
There is the prize! A 10 pound Butterball turkey and I was lucky in that I bought the last one in stock at SM Supermarket about 9 days before Thanksgiving. Super Metro received a last minute shipment of Butterball Turkeys 5 days before Thanksgiving but the cost was P280 per kilo. I had already bought our Thanksgiving turkey and the cost was P247 per kilo.

Lechon Turkey

Lechon Turkey

This was our 5th Thanksgiving in the Bacolod Area and in 2009, I hit on the idea of preparing our turkey lechon style, the famous Philippines style of cooking pork and chicken. It was a big hit with everyone, so this has become our tradition when having a turkey for Thanksgiving. The turkey is stuffed with lemongrass and garlic, a spice and herb rub is applied to the skin, a basting sauce of brown sugar, lime juice and soy sauce is made, the turkey is put on a bamboo pole and roasted over hot coals. Fabulous!

Annual Fiesta

While Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in the Philippines, it has become an annual fiesta at our home in Bacolod! Friends and family are already looking forward to Thanksgiving 2014. Yes, Thanksgiving is alive and kicking in the Bacolod Area!

Carving the turkey
One of our good friends is carving the turkey!

Turkey Leg Quarter
A crispy turkey leg quarter. The skin of lechon turkey is very crispy, while the inside is tender and juicy. Fantastic!

Thanksgiving Fiesta! Our friend is really into that turkey leg. What’s left of  it, anyway. Actually, he was clowning around for the camera. Nice pose, don’t ya think?

Thanksgiving is never complete without fresh corn.

Pineapple Pie
Don’t forget the pie! Rather than pumpkin pie or apple pie, we had pineapple pie and it was awesome.

Once you are in the Philippines, you can celebrate Thanksgiving or any holiday you wish, as the ingredients are available to prepare almost anything you enjoy.

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I hope to see you soon..somewhere All Around Bacolod!

~ Gary ~


Campuestohon Highland Resort

Are you ready for a spectacular view of Negros Occidental, the sea and Panay Island? You can see all the beauty from Campuestohan Highland Resort, which is about 40 minutes from the downtown area, located on the border of Bacolod City and Talisay City. Pass through Barangay Granada in Bacolod City and follow the signs. It is an uphill ride to Campuestohan Highland Resort. Admission is P150 per head and includes use of the swimming pool. A cottage rental for the day starts at P600, which includes a BBQ grill. Campuestohan Highland Resort is such a wonderful place to spend the day during a family outing. Our visit was part of our Thanksgiving Weekend Celebration last week.


We are Fam-i-ly!

Children’s Playground

Pool Area

Mountain View

Nipa House in Background

Many people live on the mountain where Campuestohan is located. On the road, along the way, a ten hectare farm was pointed out that is owned by world famous boxer Manny Pacquiao. 

Jun Jun Making Pineapple Boats

Pineapple Boat

Empty Pineapple Boat!

Yep, we finished off the pineapple. These were Dole Pineapples, grown in Mindanao.


Log Cabin

Inside the log cabin are hotel rooms for overnight. We brought our own food to have a picnic and we also grilled fish beside the day cottage. However, we were told that Sinugba Restaurant is or will be located at the resort.

Day Cottage

We enjoyed Campuestohan Highland Resort so much that we are already planning a trip again in the near future! It was about ten degrees cooler at Campuestohan than in the city of Bacolod. Around 530pm, it was really nice, cool weather. Campuestohan is one of the newest resorts in the area and they are adding more fun things to do in the near future, such as a zipline adventure. We look forward to our next visit!










Thanksgiving in Bacolod City

Thanksgiving is not a holiday or a festival that is widely celebrated in our area of the Philippines. However, Filipinos with Americans in their family and Filipino-Americans, who spent years in the States, celebrate Thanksgiving.

The first three Thanksgivings we have lived in the Bacolod Area, we always bought a Butterball Turkey or a Norbest Turkey and had it prepared in the Filipino style, lechon turkey. The turkey was stuffed with lemongrass, other herbs and spices, placed on a bamboo pole and roasted over hot coals. Wow! Crispy skin, while tender and juicy on the inside.

This year, we decided to go with something a little different. Recently, I saw four imported hams from America for sale at SM Supermarket. Virginia American Tenderized Ham. It has been more than 12 years since I had an American ham, still intact on the bone. We bought the ham to have for our Thanksgiving Celebration on November 22, 2012.

Virginia Ham

This Virginia Ham was 2.4 kilos, which is a 5 pound ham.

Cooked Virginia Ham

The ham was precooked and we baked it about 90 minutes in the oven. The pineapple rings were added about half way through the baking process. My wife made a ham sauce to my taste, which is pineapple juice, brown sugar and Heinz yellow mustard.

Ham Sauce

Sweet Corn

Sweet Potatoes, aka Camote

Sweet corn on the cob and camote, sweet potatoes, are common Filipino snack foods everyday, so I raised a few eyebrows having them both for the Thanksgiving meal but these are two foods which were always staples at our home for Thanksgiving, when I was growing up. Sweet potatoes and corn are Thanksgiving foods!

We did have Bird, too, for Thanksgiving.

Baked Chicken Leg Quarters

We had a few Filipino friends over to share our Thanksgiving Celebration for a wonderful evening meal. Everyone enjoyed the Virginia Ham!

This was our 4th Thanksgiving Celebration in the Bacolod Area and every year, we have more and more to be thankful for. We are all healthy and blessed. My family and I are enjoying our lives everyday in Bacolod.