Several days ago, Bacolod Central Market had, what looked like a ton, of crayfish for sale! At P50 a kilo, it was a pretty good buy, too. Crayfish look like baby lobsters, complete with claws. We only buy crayfish if they are still alive and they were at Central Market.

There are a number of different ways to prepare these delicious shell fish, depending on if you like them hot and spicy or mild. Adding red pepper flakes or actual chili peppers to the water when boiling the crayfish will kick them up a notch. Steaming will work, too. Once the crayfish turn red in color, they are ready to eat!

A dip will add to the taste of crayfish. Melted butter is a favorite. I like cocktail sauce, so I make my own using ketchup, wasabi or horseradish and lemon, lime or the local citrus known as kalamansi. Using your imagination to create a dip for crayfish is part of the enjoyment of eating.

A Plate of Crayfish

A plate of Crayfish

If you want to create a festival atmosphere to feed many people, you can have a Crayfish Boil! It is always a big hit among hungry people unless they just don’t like seafood. A large 3-5 gallon pot is needed for the Crayfish Boil. You can add other shellfish, such as clams and/or mussels. A few crabs thrown in will brighten up a few faces.¬† Other ingredients include corn on the cob, potatoes, smoked sausage, two heads of garlic, bay leaves and 2 or 3 large onion. Be sure to season the water to your taste with herbs and spices before boiling. Boil the garlic, onions, corn and potatoes first before adding the smoked sausage and then the shell fish go in last.



Mother’s Day In the Philippines

A single flower reminds me of my mother. Sadly, she passed away in 1981 after a prolonged illness but I never forget her.

Mother’s Day is a time that we can give special honor to our mom for their love, care and sacrifices while we were nurtured from a baby to adulthood.

Giving flowers, gifts, a homemade greeting card, a special Mother’s Day lunch or dinner are some ways that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Philippines. Many mothers here have several children and some have many children. It is a time that all mothers can be surrounded by the love of their children and be appreciated. Mothers in the Philippines are most often regarded as the most important member of the family.

Teaching son to swim

One of the happy moments of childhood is when a child’s mother teaches them how to swim.

A Mother in thought

Mother’s Day is a time that I go out of my way to do special things for my wife, since my Mother has been long gone but her memories never pass away. My wife is also my best friend and she pampers when I am not feeling well, so in some respects, she also shows me motherly love but in a different way, of course.

Sadly, some children are estranged from their mothers and Mother’s Day is just another day to them. If this is the situation in your life, I hope this Mother’s Day will be a day of reconciliation. As long as Mothers are still alive, it is never too late to resolve the past and pave the way for a brighter future together in happiness.

I give special consideration for all Mothers around the world and may you be happy, blessed and in good health on Mother’s Day and during all the days ahead.




Phil So Good: Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth

Have you heard the latest song or seen the latest video about the Philippines? “Phil So Good: Paradise on Earth.”

French singer, Julien Drolon, shot a music video across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. His band, made up of all Filipino musicians, lays down the great music and Philippine singer Rhian Ramos really kicks up the video with  her beauty and her singing. I am sure you will not have a difficult time finding the video and the song on the Internet.

Jeepney in Paradise

As you can see, I am having fun in Paradise on Earth! Everyday.

Fun in Paradise

My lovely wife enjoying fun in the Philippines.

It really is more fun in the Philippines! Phil So Good. Paradise on Earth.

More Food in the Philippines

I love and enjoy everyday in the Philippines. Everyday continues to unfold a new adventure for me.

Weekends are a common time for family and friends to get together, just like anywhere in the world. When that happens, you can be assured of lots of good food to eat! Last Sunday was no exception.

Grilled Bangus Fish

Sun cooked on top and charcoal cooked on the bottom. Hey, this is the Philippines, so you know there is going to be fish.

Nice Grill Marks

Bangus, aka, Milkfish, is a staple in the Bacolod Area.

Bicol Express

Bicol Express is Super Hot! This particular Bicol Express was made with pork liver, heart, lungs and intestines, with many hot chili peppers and coconut milk. It will really get your motor running! Just make sure you have something cold to drink when eating Bicol Express.


This Bopis was made with thinly sliced pork, hot chili peppers and coconut milk. A slight variation, as we switched up the recipes on purpose. Bopis is usually made with pork liver, heart, lungs and/or intestines but we decided to make this one lady friendly with the better cuts of meat and with less hot chili peppers, since there were more ladies around than men. We did the Bicol Express with what is normally used to make Bopis. We added sauteed garlic and onions to both dishes. It all worked out! Everyone ate a lot of both and everyone raved! The recipes were asked for, due to the slight variations on the original recipes.

Where's the Beef?

Joke only! I really enjoyed the native food. However, we don’t eat Bopis and Bicol Express everyday or even every week. We do eat a lot of fish and other seafood, a lot of chicken and pork without so much fat.

Philippine Cuisine is diverse and the very same dish can be prepared many different ways, as it differs from region to region and even from family to family in the same region. Check it out the first chance you have.