I’m Back! Sweet Home Philippines

I haven’t forgotten about ya! I had to make a 4 week visit to Florida to be with my American family there due to some urgent medical issues and procedures among them. I am very happy being back in Sweet Home Philippines!

During my 4 week visit to Florida, I gained a very fresh perspective concerning life in Florida and life in the Philippines. The overall cost of living is 3-4 times less in the Bacolod Area than the cost of living in NE rural Florida! That’s the fact. I know because I know how much money I had to spend there and I know how much money I have to spend here. Same amount! I get a lot more bangs for my buck.

Two days ago, I went to Bacolod SM Mall to do a little grocery shopping and I spent about $20. What’d I get? A package of Australian lamb chops, honey cured bacon, ribs, hot dogs, ground round beef, ground lean pork, a package of 10 Bounty Fresh Chicken thighs, coffee, 1 liter of cooking ¬†oil, Nissan chocolate wafers, potato chips, a few other odds & ends and Japanese Asahi Beer! Now, is that all a deal for $20 or what?

Way out in the boonies. SW County Road 240 in NE Florida, is Nettles Sausages and it is the only place in that entire area where the meat prices are about the same as in the Bacolod Area! Tell me what’d I say? The Nettles Meats are as cheap as in Bacolod City and I will tell you exactly why. They produce their own meats and there is never a middle man. At Nettles, $20 will get ya 5 packages of their fresh meats. A good variety at that! Now, this is great, isn’t it?

Yep, that’s me on Nettle’s porch.

If you would like to read a more detailed comparison about the cost of living in Florida compared to the Bacolod area, please read my new article on Retiring to the Philippines. I think you will enjoy it and also see exactly what I am trying to tell ya!


I am really excited about my new book that I am writing! It is about a comprehensive topic that very few have ever written about concerning the Philippines. It is truly a topic where very few have ever gone! I will keep you informed and let you know when it is published and available for reading.

Take care Amigas and Amigos. I hope to see you one day, somewhere..all around Bacolod!