Bankarera Boat Race at Shore Fun Festival: December 19

bankarera boat race
Only 2 more days and Shore Fun begins! Are you ready? Pack up the wife, your children or your girlfriend and head to Paco Beach in Pulupandan this Saturday. You still have 2 days!

One of the exciting events at the Shore Fun Festival in Pulupandan at Paco Beach is the Bankarera Boat Race. It kicks off at 9am on December 19. The Bankarera is a smaller boat with a strong engine. Built for speed and built for sharp turns. It is always an exciting race.

Bancarera winner
Practice, practice, practice. The contestants are ready to put on a good show for you, as they zip around, breakneck, in their bankareras. It’s going to be awesome!

I hope to see you somewhere…at the Shore Fun Festival on December 19th at Paco Beach in Pulupandan.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

More Entertainment at Shore Fun Festival in Pulupandan

Bacolod City! Negros Occidental! Don’t you dare be sour. Paco Beach in Pulupandan is the place to be on December 19 for the Shore Fun Festival.

Pulupandan 10
One of the highlights of the Shore Fun Festival will be the Electric Lighting of the boats after sunset. The special effects of the lighting will be a terrific sight to see.

No, they are not looking for Shrek. No, they are not burning down the boats. Tiki torches at sunset. It’s party time!

This lovely lady is enjoying singing but she is in a hurry to get back on the water.

Bright lights will light up the beach and a fun time will be enjoyed by everyone. And you can believe that!

Don’t forget, Shore Fun Festival kicks off around 8am on Saturday, December 19. Where? You know where! Paco Beach Zone 1 in Pulupandan.

I hope to see you somewhere… at Paco Beach at the Shore Fun Festival.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~