Another New Expat Hang Out?

First of all, a big thank you to Martin and the Bacolod Food Hunters, who  have a blog right here on Word Press, for telling me about Kristin’s Steak House on Lacson Street. They did a full review about Kristin’s Steak House a short time ago. Kristin’s Steak House is located in the area of Bar 21 and Mushu Asian Fusion Restaurant.

Animal Heads

Animal Trophy Heads

My kind of place! There are several deer, a wild boar and a mountain goat trophy heads hanging on the wall inside the restaurant. I didn’t see a Jackalope, though. A jackalope is an antlered rabbit with spike horns and ears a foot tall! Made famous in a Jerry Jeff Walker song back in the 70s, “Taken Again.” To the left of the animal trophy heads is a painting of John Wayne, the famous American actor, in full cowboy outfit. 

We dropped by Kristin’s at 330pm and it was way too early for me to have supper, so I had a late Merienda (snack).

Bacon Cheese Burger

Bacon Cheeseburger

A bacon cheeseburger is a snack, right? Wow! This cheeseburger had an excellent char on it from the grill. I really enjoyed it. The price was P75, including the small side of “tropical potato salad.” The potato salad had papaya in it.

Others had a bigger idea of what their snack would be!

Spare Rib

Spare Rib

A Philippine version of grilled spare rib with mushroom and veggies.

Grilled Chicken Steak

Grilled Chicken Steak

Mushrooms and gravy were added to this grilled chicken steak. Mashed potatoes came with the grilled chicken steak but our son does not like those, so I was given the task of eating them. I poured a little gravy over the mashed potatoes and I completed the task without a problem!

Due to the odd hour, we were the only diners in Kristin’s Steak House but two other tables were soon taken before we finished our meal.

We were well pleased with the service and the menu prices. The prices for imported steaks were P300-P320. These included New York Cut, Rib Eye, Porterhouse and T-Bone. Great prices! Especially compared to other steak houses in the city where an imported steak will set you back P800-P1,000! Steaks from local beef are also on the menu for less than P200. 



For the adventurous, crocodile is on the menu at P400 per serving. Not bad. Our friend, who dined with us today wants to try crocodile. His Birthday is later this month, so we told him we will treat him to a crocodile Birthday meal! He can’t hardly wait! Ostrich is also on the menu for P450 per serving.

Our next trip to Kristin’s, I will try one of their imported steaks. I normally prepare my steaks at home on my home grill but I will give Kristin’s a shot and eat one of their steaks soon.

Kristin’s opened in their Lacson location on December 15 and I think it will become another popular expat hang out due to their excellent food and great prices. Yes, they do have cold beer. Maybe I will see you there one day in the future.