A Fishing Village in Bacolod City

After living in the Bacolod Area for over 3 years, there are still places that I discover for the first time every week. Last Sunday, we went to a fishing village, which is located near Barangay Sum-Ag and in Punta Taytay. There is popular restaurant known as Alcala’s Higad Baybay Resto Grill located here.

Turn right at the sign in Punta Taytay Beach area and you will be taken to a fishing village and small beach resort.

Fishing Boats

The Red Boat gets attention.

Boats at Rest

Fishing Boats Going Out to Sea

Fishing Village Community

This is a great place to spend an afternoon. We rented a pavilion for P100 and it included a coin operated karaoke machine. Singing is something I really enjoy and even if you are not into today’s music scene, the karaoke machine in the pavilion included songs by Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley and the Comets from the 50s and 60s. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles also were included from the 60s and 70s. There were so many songs to chose from that I would say that you will find several you enjoy singing!

Darts, Anyone?

Our six year old son enjoys playing, so we took our dart board and darts along. We adults had as much fun playing as our son!

Your Throw!

A Tree House

You never know what you may see or find! A tree house on the beach.

Fisher Folk Gathering Shellfish

The “specs” in the sea are fish folk gathering shellfish at low tide. Oysters, clams and red shell mussels are what are being gathered. Right down the road from this area is a row of seafood restaurants known as the Viewing Deck.

A Row of Restaurants

Never judge a book by its cover! There are a number of these seafood restaurants that don’t look like much from first appearance but once inside, it is a different look.

Inside Restaurant

The bar is well stocked with even imported spirits available. A shot of tequila? It’s available. You can eat in or take out. There are also many vendors selling seafood that you can take home for a later meal. I enjoy all the shellfish. Oysters, clams and mussels.

As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks,” but I am keeping myself busy by taking in the different things to see and do all around Bacolod!
















Villa Rosa Beach Revisited

“You can’t go home again,” were famous words of the American author, Thomas Wolfe. Home may never be the same as it was when you left years ago but there are locations which never seem to change.

The Sea, as Far as You Can See

For some, the beach is only a place to swim but for me, the beach always offers peaceful tranquility. The sound of the waves, the shells washing up on the beach, the scurrying of crabs across the sand and all the sea life down below, unseen and often mysterious.

Bringing In the Catch of the Day!

A small fishing boat pulled up to the beach to sell their catch of the day. We had already brought our food to grill at the beach, so we did not really need to buy fish.

Fire Up the Grill!

It didn’t matter if we had finished breakfast only two hours beforehand, once at the seaside, it is time to begin preparing food.

Chicken Wings and Pork Chops

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is food and good times, there is music!

The Wandering Gypsy Beach Minstrel

The Philippine version of playing for tips. He was pretty good, actually! Playing a twangy guitar, he reminded me of the Ventures. Hawaii Five-O and Pipeline.

Recognition and a Smile

It isn’t everyday a guy shows up with an electric guitar and a battery powered amplifier ready to rock your house!

Smoking BBQ.

Hot Off the Grill!

Grilled Hot Wings with Mama Sita Buffalo Wing Sauce and grilled Pork Chop. There were six of us at the beach, so we had to be patient with the food. It takes time but well worth the wait.

Ice Cold Beer na Beer

In Barangay Sum-Ag, where Villa Rosa Beach is located, Asia Brewery’s Beer na Beer Pale Pilsen is more popular than San Miguel Beer products.

Frisbee Time

Lost a shoe?

Our son lost his shoe while catching the Frisbee.

Peanut Brittle

Snack time! Many vendors come around the beach cottages the entire day. One after another. They are selling peanut brittle, ice cream, chicharon, garlic peanuts, fried peanuts, fresh fish and other seafood to grill, balloons, toys, chopping and cutting boards and just about anything you can imagine.

Last Wing!

The last wing, the last brewski and almost time to head back to the hacienda!

More Fishing Boats Arriving

We would see what this catch brought in! Some nice prawns and crabs are always nice to take back home for supper.

It will be a few weeks but we look forward to our next day at Villa Rosa Beach. A place we can go anytime. It is always there and so is the tranquility.















Reuben Sandwich in Bacolod City

One of the greatest things about food, other than eating, is that one can create their own variant to suit their own tastes or they can simply become creative when all the original ingredients are not readily available. During my 12 years and counting of being an expat, one of the topics that always comes up among other expats is FOOD.

In Bacolod City, my wife and I can buy most anything we need to create a wonderful meal or snack in our own home kitchen. One item that is not so readily available is authentic rye bread. However, we can get creative and find a suitable substitute.

Multi Grain Loaf Bread

Cafe Bob’s Deli did not have rye bread, so we bought Multi Grain Loaf Bread, which is a good choice for any sandwich. An Italian friend once told me that it is a sin to not have good bread in the house! I don’t know about the sin part but not having good bread in the house will limit one’s preparation of excellent food.

Many Filipinos enjoy and eat a lot of corned beef and there are many Philippine brands of canned corned beef at the supermarkets. However, for my Reuben Sandwich, I always choose the Brazilian corned beef. One of my favorite brands that I buy at SM Supermarket is Hereford Corned Beef, product of Brazil.

Hereford Brazilian Corned Beef

Now, actually making your Reuben Sandwich is when the variants arise, according to your own personal taste. Yes, I know, many will be hardcore and say a Reuben Sandwich must have Russian or Thousand Island Dressing. Excuse me, but not my Reuben. I prefer horseradish!

Morehouse Cream Style Horseradish

My favorite is Morehouse Cream Style Horseradish. I buy it at either Cafe Bob’s Deli on Lacson Street or farther down on Lacson at Lopues Mandalagan Supermarket.

Some will tell you that an authentic Reuben Sandwich must have Swiss Cheese. However, I have my own preference in cheese. Swiss Cheese is available at both SM and Robinsons Supermarkets.

McLelland Seriously Mild Red Cheddar Cheese is one of my favorite cheeses. I also like Red Leicester. There are five or six different styles of McLelland Cheese available at SM Supermarket.

There is one original ingredient that I never substitute on my Reuben Sandwich and that is sauerkraut. But hey, if you don’t like sauerkraut, leave it off. You will still have a fabulous sandwich.

Libby’s Crispy Sauerkraut

For the added crunch on my Reuben Sandwich, I always add Sauerkraut. I like Libby’s Crispy Sauerkraut, which I bought at Cafe Bob’s Deli.

To toast or grill or do neither to your prepared Reuben Sandwich is the final touch. By now, you are ready to eat, which is exactly what I did and it is exactly why I don’t have a photo of my Reuben Sandwich. I have eaten it already! My Reuben will look different from yours anyway. You can place your Reuben in a toaster oven until the bread is browned on both sides and the cheese has melted. You can also heat a skillet on high heat, spread butter or margarine on each side of your sandwich and grill until the bread has browned, after flipping it over once, and the cheese has melted.

If you can’t think of what you would like to eat, try a Reuben Sandwich. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Chilled Crab Salad in the Philippines

Hot! Hot! Hot! This has been the hottest season since we moved to the Philippines. When the weather is hot for extended days, I am into eating cool food. This week, I prepared one of my favorites, which is chilled crab salad.

Chilled Crab Salad

The ingredients for this particular chilled crab salad are pretty simple and easy to find in Bacolod City supermarkets. I used crab sticks, chopped celery, boiled egg and Virginia Honey Cured Bacon. Fresh crab meat or canned crab meat may be used instead of crab sticks. All the ingredients were purchased at SM Supermarket. The sliced crab sticks and celery were chilled in the freezer a short time before preparing. I boiled several eggs but I only needed one in my chilled crab salad. After boiling, I allowed the egg to cool down before preparing the salad. Next, I fried the Virginia Honey Cured Bacon very crispy. I was then ready to mix the salad.

Prepared Chilled Crab Salad

I added one heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise and mixed the salad by hand. I garnished with Spanish Paprika and I had one kalamansi, or local lime, handy to drizzle the final ingredient before eating.

A Closer Look

If you prefer, crumbling the bacon is fine.

One a hot summer day, a chilled salad is hard to beat for lunch. There are so many other salad options but the chilled crab salad was my choice for lunch.



Villa Rosa Beach at Punta Taytay, Bacolod City

Villa Rosa Beach

Villa Rosa Beach is located at Punta Taytay in Barangay Sum-Ag in Bacolod City. We went to Villa Rosa Beach last week and while it is not Boracay, of course, it is a nice place for a day activity. Admission is P20 per head and all day rental for a beach cottage is P100.

Nipa Beach Cottage

The nipa beach cottage is nothing fancy but good enough! Good enough to have some great fun.

A Row of Cottages

Getting Ready for Lunch.

A BBQ grill is included in the day cottage rental.


Kinilaw is a Filipino raw fish dish that is prepared with vinegar, lime juice, chopped onions, garlic, ginger and chili peppers. We prepared this as one of our dishes at the beach.

Grilled Mullet

Being from Florida, I prefer smoked mullet but grilled mullet also works for me! Locally, this fish is known as tonkan.

A Jug of Tuba

Our Filipino friends enjoy tuba or palm wine. I can say I have tried it but I am not too craZy about it!

Red Horse Beer

Now, we’re talking! Red Horse Beer any day at the beach for me!

Seaweed and Seawall

Shady Area

More Beach


If you are going to Villa Rosa Beach with a large crowd, there are pavilions available for rent. Sounds like a good place for a Birthday Party! A party is a groovy thing.

It was another great day for us in Bacolod during our visit to Villa Rosa Beach. It really is more fun in the Philippines and especially, all around Bacolod.