2013 New Year in Bacolod City

We brought the 2013 New Year in right with lots of fireworks, a party with a fiesta amount of food and a 3 hour karaoke marathon singing contest. We finally called it a long night right before sunrise on New Year’s Day.

New year

Fireworks light up the sky

Our personal fireworks show started at 11pm and finished at 1am!

New Year

Fruit and Drinks

It is a family New Year tradition to have 12 different fruits on hand, to bring in the New Year. This year was no exception!

New Year

Whole Roasted Pig

Someone pulled some crispy skin off the roasted pig’s back before it was cut!

It wasn't us!

It wasn’t us!

Nah, I didn’t think so!

We are Fami-i-ly

We are Fam-i-ly!

Bad Moon Risin'

Bad Moon Rising!

I was the first to sing in the 3 hour karaoke marathon singing contest and “Bad Moon Rising,” originally by the Creedence Clearwater Revival, was my song. I scored 96 out of 100 with that blast from the past!

Getting Ready

That’s What Friends Are For

Welcome 2013

Welcome 2013!

And that, we did! In a marvelous way. Fun was had by everyone and we look forward to 2014 New Year Celebration, next time.

Here is wishing everyone a very Happy 2013 New Year. A year full of joy, peace, happiness, health and prosperity!





A Day at Panaad Park

Some of life’s greater enjoyments do not cost one centavo. A day at the park with family is one such enjoyment.

Avenue of Eucalyptus Trees

Panaad Park in Bacolod City is like being in the country side. It is where the Annual Panaad sa Negros Festival is held.

Sis in law and my nephew

Baby likes to boogie in the park!

Game Time

Dig out!

Play of the Day

A nice backward save and hit!

Refreshment Time

Nothing like ice cream and beer after a day at the park! But not at the same time.

Living in our area of the Philippines has such great moments. To me, it compares to turning back the clock to a time in Southern America when the pace was slower, the family unit was close knit, neighbors were real neighbors, everyone knew everyone in the community, God still lived in our neighborhood, people helped others in need without expecting anything in return, we counted our daily blessings and we were not stressed out about tomorrow. We knew that no matter what happens today, tomorrow is going to be even better!

The Bacolod Area is not perfect but it is the closest thing to Paradise on Earth that I have found. I have been to 30 of the 50 States in America, which were all the ones I cared to see, and I have been to four Asian countries, so I have first hand comparisons I can make.

I hope to see ya one day, all around Bacolod.



Mother’s Day In the Philippines

A single flower reminds me of my mother. Sadly, she passed away in 1981 after a prolonged illness but I never forget her.

Mother’s Day is a time that we can give special honor to our mom for their love, care and sacrifices while we were nurtured from a baby to adulthood.

Giving flowers, gifts, a homemade greeting card, a special Mother’s Day lunch or dinner are some ways that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Philippines. Many mothers here have several children and some have many children. It is a time that all mothers can be surrounded by the love of their children and be appreciated. Mothers in the Philippines are most often regarded as the most important member of the family.

Teaching son to swim

One of the happy moments of childhood is when a child’s mother teaches them how to swim.

A Mother in thought

Mother’s Day is a time that I go out of my way to do special things for my wife, since my Mother has been long gone but her memories never pass away. My wife is also my best friend and she pampers when I am not feeling well, so in some respects, she also shows me motherly love but in a different way, of course.

Sadly, some children are estranged from their mothers and Mother’s Day is just another day to them. If this is the situation in your life, I hope this Mother’s Day will be a day of reconciliation. As long as Mothers are still alive, it is never too late to resolve the past and pave the way for a brighter future together in happiness.

I give special consideration for all Mothers around the world and may you be happy, blessed and in good health on Mother’s Day and during all the days ahead.