A Day In The Countryside


A buffalo cart, an old tire, an old wheel and fresh country air! May 13, 2013 was Election Day in the Philippines and many people traveled to their hometowns to cast their votes. My wife was no exception. We are extremely blessed in having a home in the city and a home in the countryside, so we can enjoy both worlds in the Philippines.


Coconut tree, very pretty…..


I love the taste of coconut in the morning!


A countryside breakfast! Chicken Mami noodles, alligator bread and Barako native coffee.


The Chicken House. All of our chickens and ducks are free range, so they can go in and out of the chicken house as they like.


Mother hen with chicks and baby ducks.




Our countryside home.

Retiring to the Philippines

I enjoy sharing with others about the great life I discovered in the Philippines. Our countryside home is about 45 km outside of Bacolod City. In front of our home is a 1.8 hectare rice farm and a 1.8 hectare sugarcane farm. It is all fun! We also maintain a home in the city and we spend most of our time there when the academic school year is in session. We are very proud of our son, who has been the Top Honors Student for 3 consecutive years! Way to go!!

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