Kabbara Cafe: Lebanese Cuisine in Bacolod City

Last evening, my wife, our son, a nephew and our best Filipino friend and I went to The Billboards on a mission. We wanted to eat at Kabbara Cafe. That’s exactly what we did. Mission Accomplished! The Billboards Complex is located on Lacson and BS Aquino streets. Wow! Great Lebanese Cuisine.

We have been told that the husband of the owner of Kabbara is Lebanese and the ingredients used in the food preparations are sourced from the Middle East.

The service was also excellent at Kabbara Cafe. The menu prices are reasonable and Kabbara Cafe is not over priced. My wife greatly enjoyed the Iced Coffee and our son greatly enjoyed the Iced Chocolate. Those are priced P50 and P60 each.


The Shawarma at Kabbara Cafe is not the run of the mill Shawarma that you find in the malls or as found in pseudo-Middle Eastern Restaurants. The Shawarma at Kabbara Cafe is the real deal.

What is Shawarma? At Kabbara Cafe, which is authentic, Shawrama is slow cooked chicken or beef, with special garlic sauce, french fries, tomato, parsley and served in warm pita bread.

I ordered the Chicken Shawarma and it was awesome!


Other Lebanese Cuisine


Kabbara Cafe is much more than only Shawarma. Our son ordered, and greatly enjoyed, Chicken Biryani, which is Grilled Chicken with Biryani Rice. Our son enjoyed it and he thought it was great. We also ordered the large Beef Arayes. This is Lebanese Beef-Stuffed Pitas. The style at Kabbara is sliced into 6 triangle slices, giving it the appearance of Lebanese Pizza. My wife and nephew greatly enjoyed Beef Arayes.

The orange colored sauce in the photo above, is spicy! But not too much for me. The spicy sauce is Harissa style hot sauce.

For take out, I ordered Falafel. This dish is deep fried patties, made from ground chickpeas and fava beans. I was planning to eat this the next day but I could not wait! I ate half of it after I got home. It was also awesome. I was also given the spicy Harissa style hot sauce for take out. I like it!

On the menu of Kabbara, I was interested in the Goat and the Lamb Biryani. Next time!

There is much more Lebanese Cuisine on the menu at Kabbara Cafe.

If you are looking for a unique and delicious cuisine, which is not commonly found in our area of the Philippines, I do not think you will be disappointed by trying Lebanese Cuisine. At Kabbara Cafe.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~