Another Day In Life of Living in Negros Occidental

Yesterday morning, my wife gently woke me up and said she had something to tell me. One of her cousins, who she had not actually seen since the late 1990s, was taking a break from filming in the Western Visayas to visit us. He is not famous but works regularly as a character actor with ABS-CBN TV. RV is his stage nickname.

My wife told me that our taxi driver, Randy, would be picking up RV at the pier in Banago, Bacolod, and would be bringing him to our house. I had about an hour to eat something light, shower and get dressed. I beat the deadline!

About 90 minutes after RV arrived in our home, my wife had a large spread on the table. Time for me to eat more. The on the spot plan, which unfolded, was to drive RV to the home barangay of his relatives in Negros Occidental and he would spend the night at our farmhouse. No problem. Our farm is also located in that barangay. RV speaks excellent English, so it was a treat for me in talking to him for one full day.

We made several stops so RV could briefly visit with relatives he had not seen in about 17 years. He was a young teenager when he and his parents moved to Manila in the late 1990s.

After arriving at our farmhouse, other relatives had heard the word and were dropping by. My wife and one of her brothers began preparing food. Grilled boneless bangus, grilled ribs & chops and pan fried potatoes for me. Rice for everyone else.

RV enjoys singing, so we broke out our home karaoke system. It lead to a 4 hour singing session. Everyone had a great time and no one embarrassed themselves singing. No one was drunk, resorting to yelling into the mic. My wife does not allow such behavior.

The Ride

We had to get RV to the Bacolod-Silay Airport no later than 1pm today for his check in and flight to Manila at 130pm. We made one stop at the municipality cemetery, as RV wanted to visit tombs of relatives and light candles.

Upon arrival in Bacolod City, we had time to spare, so we dropped by The Ruins.

We arrived at 12 Noon, with time to spare, at the airport.

This experience is not uncommon in the Philippines. Many things are spontaneous and I can keep on rolling with the flow without objection. It is part of the life here.

After being rousted from a deep sleep yesterday morning, I would not trade my wonderful experience of meeting and spending time with RV. Otherwise, I may never meet him…except on TV. RV has a role on a current daytime ABS-CBN Drama Series but he is not one of the stars. I had a fabulous time the last 2 days.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~