Wing Master: The Taste of Real Buffalo Wings

On a tip from an American friend, a former pro wrestler in Boston, we checked out Wing Master last night. It was an awesome experience. Wing Master is located in Zone 15 of Ayala North Point District Mall in Talisay, just north of Bacolod City.

The husband of the owner of Wing Master, Ron, is a member of LinP3. His wife, Russel, is the hands on owner of Wing Master. Both are from Buffalo, NY, so you know their Buffalo Wings are the real deal! You can believe that.

I cannot resist Country Fried Steak, aka Chicken Fried Steak, with White Gravy and Wing Master has it on their menu. It was great. Of course, later in the evening, I had to try their Buffalo Wings.

It’s Still Rock n’ Roll For Me!

A fabulous bonus for me was the live band, which is every Friday night at Wing Master. They were gracious to allow me to sing 6 songs with them during their sets. Every night is a good night for singing and last night was no exception. The guitar player in the band is a real pro, as he may not have been so familiar with my songs but he picked it up right away to lead the way on his electric guitar. Sweet Home Alabama, My Sacrifice, Unchain My Heart, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Nothing Else Matters and Free Bird.
Rock n’ Roll and a little Blue Eyed Soul. Sad songs and waltzes do not help me at all. I enjoy Full Tilt Boogie and Ram Jam.

You Got Friends

At Wing Master, there is not only great food and fabulous music but Ron and Russel are good people. Very friendly and talkative. I already know that you will like them!

I am passing on this information to you free of charge. I am not a paid advertiser. If it is real, I tell you about it, if not, I will not mention it to you.

Let’s Party Like It Is 1999

I just have to mention it. It is been awhile since one of my favorite NFL Teams, the Buffalo Bills had a great team. They were 11-5 in 1999. Let’s hope a new coach will make the Buffalo Bills great again! The talent is already on the team. Just a few more good men needed to be added. Tired of being 7-9 every year!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Have a good one!

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

Villa Rosa Beach Revisited

“You can’t go home again,” were famous words of the American author, Thomas Wolfe. Home may never be the same as it was when you left years ago but there are locations which never seem to change.

The Sea, as Far as You Can See

For some, the beach is only a place to swim but for me, the beach always offers peaceful tranquility. The sound of the waves, the shells washing up on the beach, the scurrying of crabs across the sand and all the sea life down below, unseen and often mysterious.

Bringing In the Catch of the Day!

A small fishing boat pulled up to the beach to sell their catch of the day. We had already brought our food to grill at the beach, so we did not really need to buy fish.

Fire Up the Grill!

It didn’t matter if we had finished breakfast only two hours beforehand, once at the seaside, it is time to begin preparing food.

Chicken Wings and Pork Chops

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is food and good times, there is music!

The Wandering Gypsy Beach Minstrel

The Philippine version of playing for tips. He was pretty good, actually! Playing a twangy guitar, he reminded me of the Ventures. Hawaii Five-O and Pipeline.

Recognition and a Smile

It isn’t everyday a guy shows up with an electric guitar and a battery powered amplifier ready to rock your house!

Smoking BBQ.

Hot Off the Grill!

Grilled Hot Wings with Mama Sita Buffalo Wing Sauce and grilled Pork Chop. There were six of us at the beach, so we had to be patient with the food. It takes time but well worth the wait.

Ice Cold Beer na Beer

In Barangay Sum-Ag, where Villa Rosa Beach is located, Asia Brewery’s Beer na Beer Pale Pilsen is more popular than San Miguel Beer products.

Frisbee Time

Lost a shoe?

Our son lost his shoe while catching the Frisbee.

Peanut Brittle

Snack time! Many vendors come around the beach cottages the entire day. One after another. They are selling peanut brittle, ice cream, chicharon, garlic peanuts, fried peanuts, fresh fish and other seafood to grill, balloons, toys, chopping and cutting boards and just about anything you can imagine.

Last Wing!

The last wing, the last brewski and almost time to head back to the hacienda!

More Fishing Boats Arriving

We would see what this catch brought in! Some nice prawns and crabs are always nice to take back home for supper.

It will be a few weeks but we look forward to our next day at Villa Rosa Beach. A place we can go anytime. It is always there and so is the tranquility.















Buffalo Wings in Bacolod


One of my favorite foods is Buffalo Wings and it is probably the one dish that can always perk up my appetite. I never tire of Buffalo Wings and I can happily eat them several times every week. There is at least one restaurant in Bacolod City that I am aware of, which has Buffalo Wings on their menu, but since I am a positive guy, I won’t mention the name of the restaurant because their wings are not prepared the way expats and Filipino-Americans enjoy them. We enjoy the original and classic style of Buffalo Wings made famous by the Anchor Bar in New York.

Many of my American friends and family members back in the States are always amazed of the food products available in the supermarkets in the Bacolod Area.

It is traditional to eat celery dipped in Blue Cheese Dressing with Buffalo Wings but I don’t need celery and dip to enjoy the Wings! Celery and Blue Cheese Dressing are available in Bacolod but it is just my personal choice not to include them when I prepare Buffalo Wings.

Mama Sita’s Buffalo Wings Sauce

Mama Sita brand is very famous all over the Philippines, as is Mama Sita! The family of Mama Sita Reyes owned and operated the famous Aristocrat Restaurant, located in Manila on Roxas Boulevard, for many years. I have eaten at the Aristocrat many times in the past and it was my favorite Filipino Restaurant in Metro Manila. Mama Sita brand sauces and mixes are sold in supermarkets, small grocery stores and even in some small sari sari stores nationwide. The sauces and mixes make preparing Filipino dishes at home a snap! It gives the authentic taste one is seeking, without compromising quality, when they don’t  have hours to spend in the kitchen. Keeping in step with the times, Mama Sita now makes Buffalo Wings Sauce and it is readily available at SM Supermarket.

I still make my own Buffalo Wings sauce from time to time and it is very simple. Melted butter and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix

For those who want to kick up your Buffalo Wings a few notches, you can buy the McCormick brand Classic Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. It also comes with a packet of Buffalo Wings Sauce, if you want to use it. I always deep fry the Buffalo Wings without batter and this seasoning mix is not a batter but it really kicks up the taste of the wings. It is also available at SM Supermarket. I have always enjoyed my own recipe for Buffalo Wings but I have discovered the combination of McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix and the Buffalo Wings Sauce really takes the wings to the next level of excellence.

Buffalo Wings

These are last night’s batch of our Buffalo Wings made at home in our kitchen. This was my serving but I promise, I did not eat all 10. I stopped at 7! We did not have celery and Blue Cheese Dressing.

What is this?

Those are potato wedges! A nice variation of French fries. Simply cut the potato into larger wedges, leaving the skin on, and deep fry. I enjoy these much better than celery, to say the least! It is no problem to fry them in the same vat as the Buffalo Wings. More flavor.

As I always say, everyday unfolds a new adventure in the Bacolod Area and you can create another one of your own, right in your home kitchen!