Home Gardening and Small Scale Farming

We have maintained a Home Garden in the Bacolod Area since 2009. It is a Hobby for us, rather than growing vegetables due to inflation. However, a Home Garden can allow you to keep more of your money during Inflationary Times. .

In Bacolod, we live in a city subdivision and we only have two small divided strips of actual yard. My wife planted Pine Trees there. However, we had a Home Garden in the city for 7 years, without a yard.

We made a Planter on our compound property in the subdivision. We dug up some of the concrete, added soil and enclosed the front and sides with hollow blocks. We use Compost and we supplement with Organic Fertilizer.

We grow Calamansi and Herbs in large pots, both plastic and clay pots.

Container Gardening

There are so many ways to have a Home Garden in the city, even a large one. If it is a container, you can use it to plant in. Within reason, of course. Cut off large, upside down Soda Bottles, empty large Ice Cream Containers, Empty Paint Cans and Empty Coffee Cans are only a few ideas of containers that can be recycled as Planters.

Halved Bamboo Tubes, Bamboo Trellis, Wooden Crates/Boxes, old Ice Chest/Cooler and even a Clothes Basket can be used as Planters. Large Mason Jars and Empty Rice Sacks can also be used as Planters.

Potatoes can be grown in a Clothes Basket or you can make a Potato Planter out of Chicken Wire. Just wrap the Chicken Wire around to form a cylinder shaped Planter and there you go!

At our farmhouse, south of Bacolod, we have plenty of space in our yard to maintain a larger Home Garden. Since we live in the city full time, a brother in law maintains our garden down at the farm.

I have researched Agriculture in the Philippines for the past decade. I have read much online and personally talked to experts, while attending seminars as well. All about Agriculture in the Philippines.

If you live in the Province or in a rural area of a city, 1 hectare can feed a family of 4 year round if properly managed. Vegetables, Fruit, Meat and Dairy. If you have more land, you are in business!

Small Scale Farming

My wife and 2 of her brothers grow 3.1 hectares of Rice, south of Bacolod. There is still one half hectare not being utilized. I have suggested planting vegetables on that area.

Honestly, I firmly believe that there is more money to be made in High Value Vegetables than in Rice. And you can believe that! I suggested planting the entire 3.6 hectares with High Value Vegetables and forget about Rice.

You may ask yourself…what are High Value Vegetables? Well, I am happy sharing that information. From personal experience, the Seeds from East-West Seeds, available all around the Philippines, prosper the best with larger crop yields.

Here we go! Galaxy F1 and Santa Rita Ampalaya/Bitter Gourd. Django F1, Vulcan, and Hotshot Hot Peppers. Any variety of Sweet Peppers. Onion Bulb. Diamonte Max F1 and Marimax F1 Tomatoes. Morena F1 Eggplant. Bandana F1 and Jumbo Green Cucumber. Macho Corn and any variety of String Beans. Those are all High Value Vegetables.

There you have it! Enjoy your Home Garden and enjoy your Small Scale Farm.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~