Crossed Pistons Saloon in Cebu City

If you like the feel of a bikers bar without getting your butt kicked and without biker chicks, Crossed Pistons Saloon is the place to visit in Cebu City. It is located on Morales Street, near the Golden Peak Hotel and the Silver Dollar Bar. If you are looking for a girlie bar, skip Crossed Pistons because that is not what they are about.

I was sent on a mission one evening when I was in Cebu several months back to check out Crossed Pistons, mainly for their upstairs karaoke. “If Gary returns, the place is safe.” Thanks guys. No, I did not have to RKO anyone. I met the challenge and returned safely. No danger despite the leather, the colors and the bikes outside. Open arms was my greeting. “Come in, Bro. Welcome.” Ever seen a Filipino biker wearing Outlaw colors? I met one and he is nice as anyone could be. The last 2 nights, in Cebu City, I visited Crossed Pistons Saloon again. Everyone remembered me. The bartender said, “Let’s sing.” She did not have to twist my arm!

Second Helping

If I was looking for the heart of the night, I found it. Good fun, good food, good friends and ice cold beer. I don’t know where she learned but the cook can really cook up some mean southern fried chicken that will rival my grandmother’s chicken. Half chicken fried for P150. You can’t beat that.

I found a couple more Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pearl Jam songs in their play list song book. No songs by The Mavericks, though. Another song I enjoy singing in the Philippines is “What I’d Say,” by Ray Charles. Some in the crowd will join me in singing the “hey…ho” chorus.

As always, another good night for singing.

I have met many foreigners over the last 29 years in the Philippines but I have not met many who love singing. One reason, among many, is why I relate to Filipinos so well is because I am firmly into singing, dancing and entertaining! Cebu City, people, let’s hear it!

As soon as I saw the songs “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison, I said to myself, “this is my kind of place.” What started out to be a casing of the joint and a quick beer turned into a 3 hour singing session with the bartender. Wow! She has a great voice. I discovered many of my favorite songs available in their karaoke song list. Songs I have never seen in Bacolod.

I hope to see you someday, somewhere…all around Bacolod. However, you may see me somewhere in Cebu City. Maybe at the Crossed Pistons Saloon, di ba?

~ Gary ~

I’ve Got Some Good News!

RVD! Rob Van Dam! Are you a WWE fan? Well, I have some good news for you! If you are in the Philippines, you can watch all your favorite matches and WWE shows on FOX ASIA TV. You can even watch NXT matches on Fox Asia TV. Our provider is Dream Satellite and I am able to watch WWE & NXT matches that my brother in Florida cannot watch unless he subscribes to WWE Network on his Dish Satellite! Is this not great or what for those of us in the Philippines?

Ready to see The Shield take on Evolution and kick their butts? You can watch all the action in the Philippines!

Pacific Xtreme
You can see Red de la Cruz on Pacific Xtreme Combat! Catch it on Dream!

white sox
Just because you do not live in a western country, this does not mean you cannot enjoy your favorite sports! Live MLB games can also be watched in the Philippines. Last night, I watched the Chicago White Sox beat the New York Yankees.

You can also catch all the latest news, even from Deputy Presidential Spokesperson, Abigail Valte. She can be seen and heard on TV Patrol on ABS-CBN TV, as she gives you the latest word from the Honorable President of the Philippines, Nonoy Aquino.

nipa hutz3jpg
You can learn about resorts in the Philippines that are not very well known by watching Asia Travel. Yep, it is on Dream Satellite.

I am not going to post the entire TV schedule in the Philippines, but as you can see, there is plenty to watch. Sports Entertainment, News, Travel information and much more is available!

Don’t forget! Check out Retiring to the Philippines. I have a number of new articles that I have written during the month of May!

Take care and I hope to see you one day, somewhere, all around Bacolod!