Jomabo Island: No Stranger in Paradise

Jomabo Island
One thing I love about our area of the Philippines is that everyday unfolds a new adventure! Some may think that I am only talking it up when I say that everyday unfolds a new adventure but this has been so true in my life, even after living here year round for the past four years. If you are looking for adventure, you have to go out of the house, as adventure is not going to come to you!

Negros Occidental is the 2nd largest populated province outside the Metro Manila area and the 9th largest province in terms of land area. There is never a shortage of things to do in Negros Occidental, where my family and I happily live! Recently we visited Jomabo Island, located off the coast of Escalante. We took two Filipino friends with us but none of the 5 of us had ever been to Jomabo Island. Due to road construction along the way, it took us 2 1/2 hours to drive from Bacolod City to Escalante but it was well worth the trip. We passed through Cadiz and Sagay City, both a first for us. It was a very fabulous road trip with beautiful scenery and interesting sites to see along the way.

Once we arrived in Barangay Old Poblacion, which some refer to as Barcelona,  in Escalante, we negotiated the price of chartering a boat for a round trip to visit the island. We settled on P1,300, which is about $30 USD, for the rest of the day, as the skipper would take us over to the island, wait for us and bring us back to Escalante.

Jomabo Island
No one experienced seasickness! A very smooth ride.

Jomabo Island
Jomabo Island Beach Resort is the only resort that I have been to where one does not have to rent a cottage for the day to shelter from the sun. There are so many luxuriant trees on the island, providing shade from the hot tropical sun. Admission to the island is P80 per head, which is less than $2 USD. BYOF! Bring your own food, as there are free BBQ grills provided. A great place to have a cookout or a picnic.

Jomabo Island
Yes, sir, it is cooked in the pit! The BBQ pit! Just think about those burgers, ribs, steaks, chicken, sausages and seafood being barbecued to perfection on the grill. Is that nice eating or what?

I love the smell of BBQ any time of the day! I really enjoy eating it, too!

Jomabo Island
If you want to spend the night on Jomabo Island, there are a number of rooms available to meet your budget and needs. All the rooms are large enough for 4 people and more and prices start at $60 USD per night. For the adventurous, tents are allowed on the beach and the resort will even rent you a mattress and two pillows! I will add that the resort staff at Jomabo Island are among the best I have encountered anywhere in regards to friendliness, helpfulness and willing to meet your personal needs.

Jomabo Island
Clear sea and magnificent beauty!

Jomabo Island
It’s been a lovely cruise!

Snorkeling, kayaking and swimming are the main activities you can enjoy. If you are looking for a world famous beach resort with pulsating music blaring, glamorous night life and elbow to elbow crowds, Jomabo Island is not for you. However, if you are looking for the perfect escape with the beauty of an unspoiled natural white sandy beach, tranquility,  the sounds of the rushing waves that are clearly audible and soothing and a place you feel is like your own private resort, Jomabo Island will not disappoint you.

Many expats are excited to visit the famous hot spots in the Philippines but my greatest enjoyment is going where few have gone. It is the real Philippines experience for me. I am no stranger in Paradise because Paradise is my home and I live every second of it to the fullest!

14 thoughts on “Jomabo Island: No Stranger in Paradise

  1. I am jealous of you. I want to grill out on the beach too……. I am stuck in the office working.

    Glad you had a good time

  2. Thanks, Rick. Yes, I had a great time and going to Jomabo Island is one of the more memorable trips I have taken. It is amazing how affordable these trips are. Grilling on the beach is one of my favorite activities.

    ~ Gary ~

  3. Thank you for your compliments, Martin. I had a blast going to Jomabo Island and the time we spent there. I had never heard of the island before until the night before we left and I have lived in the area 4 years!

    ~ Gary ~

  4. Hello Gary,

    Another great article — how the heck do you do it?? I’ve never heard of this island but it appears to be a beautifully well kept secret. I’d much rather visit an island like this that someplace like Boracay (sp?). Are you allowed to do any sport fishing off any of these islands?

    Many thanks
    Jim Custer

    • Hello Jim,

      Thank you much for your compliments! We also enjoy the smaller, lesser known islands in the Philippines. We have never been to Boracay and do not plan to visit.

      It may well be allowed to fish on one of the chartered boats from Jomabo Island and some of the other island resorts but I don’t know for sure. It would be a fun activity.

      Have a great day!

      ~ Gary ~

  5. I had a great vacation in Bacolod Last year visiting Jomabo Island Beach Resort.

    Thanks to the staff and crew for their warm welcome and assistance during our stay.


  6. Hi! I am a native of Escalante City, a newbie blogger and have been searching recently for blogs about Jomabo Island. I’m glad to read your wonderful travel experience about the island. I suggest you also go to Bonista Beach Resort. 🙂

  7. my husband and i planning to celebrate our second anniversary…if ever we choose on this Island. how can we go here from silay airport, how many hrs travel time if we take a public transportation or a taxi, and how much?

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