Punta Taytay

In Bacolod City, there is a beach resort located in Barangay Sum-Ag known as Punta Taytay. There are actually several beaches there and Villa Rosa Beach is our favorite.

On the road leading to Punta Taytay is a very large restaurant complex known as “The Viewing Deck.” Each section or restaurant is known by a number. We just happened to stop at Viewing Deck 15 to check it out since this was our first time in this large restaurant complex.

Viewing Deck 15

The photo of the actual building of Viewing Deck 15 did not come out well due to the lighting. It was really a bright, sunny day last Sunday.

Behind Viewing Deck 15 were other restaurants, also numbered, so we decided to take a stroll. A lovely, friendly hostess standing outside Viewing Deck 16 greeted us with a big warm and friendly smile. We decided to go inside and take a look at the menu.

Viewing Deck 16 Bar

All the restaurants at Viewing Deck are native structures and this is the bar area of Viewing Deck 16.

We took a seat in the restaurant that overlooked the sea. Across the way was another one of many Viewing Deck Restaurants.

Another Viewing Deck Restaurant

Without a doubt, night time dining on the sea at Viewing Deck would be nice. Lanterns are used to light up the area when the sun goes down. Of course, there is also electricity. 

Hanging Lanterns

Some expats may not find the menus at Viewing Deck Restaurants very exciting unless they enjoy native Filipino seafood. I enjoy most all the native Filipino food, so I was excited! However, the restaurant we chose, Viewing Deck 16, had grilled pork chops on their menu and I think most Americans would enjoy grilled pork chops! We decided to go the seafood route.


We had to battle the sun in our photo taking but this one is not so bad. My best Filipino friend, Randy, was with us, so we started with an appetizer of Beer na Beer in the one liter bottle. It was about 1pm. The sponsor of the Viewing Deck Restaurants is Asia Brewery, so they do not sell San Miguel Beer Products. Beer na Beer, Manila Beer, Colt 45 and Coors Light is available. Of course, Coors and Coors Light are American beers but they are now brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery. 


Sinigang, Filipino soup, was the first dish of our meal. This sinigang had a tamarind base and the meat was lison fish. It also included onions, tomatoes, kangkong or water spinach, long green beans, eggplant and green chili pepper. This sinigang was not overly hot and spicy, as it was just right and A#1!

Grilled Pusit

Up next was grilled pusit, or squid, on bamboo skewers. Very tender which is how I rate a good squid dish. I’ve had some squid dishes that was like chewing on a rubber band but these squid were tender and not very chewy.

Grilled Lison Fish

One of my favorite native fish is Lison. I really enjoy it best deep fried, whole, but grilled well also rocks! Kalmansi, or local lime, kicks up the taste of grilled fish and other dishes. I only ran across two small bones in the Lison, so it was a nice fillet.

Randy and Me

Randy is my best Filipino friend and here we are on the Deck. My lovely wife was busy taking the photos and we never did get a shot of her at Viewing Deck of Punta Taytay!

If you are looking for inexpensive, quality Filipino style seafood, check out the Viewing Deck at Punta Taytay. There are many restaurants to choose from. It has a nice view of the sea and it is on the way to Villa Rosa Beach.








11 thoughts on “Punta Taytay

  1. This is great, on my next trip I will visit some of these area’s in Bacolod, I have been there many times but didnt know of these places

  2. Hello Gary,

    Many thanks for doing an article on the “Viewing Deck”. I can’t believe we’ve been here 5-years and never heard of the place. While Filipino food isn’t at the top of my hit parade you can still bet we’ll be visiting this place soon.

    Best regards
    Jim Custer

  3. Thank you, Jim. As I mentioned, grilled pork chops are available and I almost ordered those but we grill pork chops and other meat at home all the time, so I wanted the grilled lison fish, which I know is good. The fillet lison is in comparison to Blue Marlin only not overly grilled dry, which often happens in various restaurants around town. There is a nice atmosphere at the Viewing Deck.

    Best Regards,

    ~ Gary ~

  4. Hello, “allaroundbacolod”! I was searching for some info on the weather now in the Philippines and I stumbled upon your exciting blog.
    I am originally from Bacolod or Silay City. I wanted to visit again after 12 yrs later. When I read your blog about your home garden, i got to reading more exciting stories about your life there and seeing all the wonderful native food/dishes & places to see, it encouraged me to connect with you via your blog. I hope that you don’t mind. We are fellow Bacolodnon. I won’t make this message longer than it already is…I just wanted to perhaps get to know a fellow Bacolodnon if that is alright with you and your wife.
    not sure if this message will get to you but I’ll try sending it. I look forward to recv a message back, if you have some time.
    PS: I do remember the name Punta Taytay & Mambukal and Mambulak? My family left for the US back in 1979.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your very nice comments. It is nice meeting you and please feel free to make comments on my blog as often as you like. If you have any specific questions about Bacolod, please feel free to ask.

    Since you have not been to Bacolod in 12 years, I think you will enjoy seeing the new development and growth in the Bacolod area, both north and south of the city and in the city itself. My first trip here was in 2007 and Bacolod has really developed the last 5 years but it is still a mid size city with a low crime rate. The Bacolodnons live up to the nickname of the city, “The City of Smiles.” As an American expat in Bacolod, I’ve only experienced the friendliness, the helpfulness and warmth from among the local people and I have many Filipino friends.

    Bacolod City has received awards for several years as being the Greenest, Cleanest and Most Liveable city in the Philippines. The Bacolod Airport is now located in Silay City. Talisay City is also growing quickly. A new Ayala Mall is under construction, with a new Ayala Business Complex, which will bring new business to the Bacolod Area.

    Barangay Mambulak is located in Silay City.

    Take care and it will be nice hearing from you again when you have the time.

    ~ Gary ~

    • Hi Gary,
      Thank you for responding back so soon. 🙂 I was thrilled to recv a nice message from a fellow Bacolodnon…Yes, we are definitely from the beautiful “City of Smiles”. I am always told that I smile a lot – true – even when I am hurting or feeling pain inside. I guess our positive, kind, gentle souls just push us to ever always be grateful, be happy and always smile. 🙂 I’ve been nicknamed “Sparky” because my friends say that I’m always sparkling with a smile. 🙂

      Bacolod City has always held a very special place in my heart & Silay City as well. I still have family members/relatives there in Bacolod & Manila. I can’t wait to come back home hopefully, by this time next year…by God’s grace. I am so excited to visit our beautiful city again and enjoy all the wonderful places – new resorts and definitely visit some of the lovely places you have mentioned on your blog – esp restaurants sitting in the middle of the water. How exciting! 🙂

      There are so much to talk about & questions to ask but for now, I’ll end my message here with a BIG SMILE and GRATITUDE the many Providential blessings I have recvd – like a new found friend. Thank you and Happy Retirement!

      Best regards,

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am always happy meeting new friends from Bacolod and the Philippines. Thank you for sharing your nickname, Sparky. I am also a person who always sees the glass as half full, rather than half empty. No matter what, Faith leads us to know that things are not always as dire as they seem and nothing is impossible.

    I was blessed to be able to “retire” from work earlier in life, so that I can enjoy the wonderful things in the Bacolod Area and in the Philippines. We also enjoy trips to Iloilo City, which is also an exciting place these days. We take our family vehicle there and it is only a 90 minute trip by Montenegro Ship Lines. The ferries are only 60 minutes but too small for a vehicle. Weesam Express, the Ocean Jet and Super Cat are fast. I picked up that the Ilonggo spoken in Iloilo had a different pronunciation than in Bacolod but still easily understood for Ilonggo native speakers. I am not one, of course, being an American.

    Take care and have a good mid week!

    Best Regards,

    ~ Gary ~

  7. I agree lots of new things are happening in Bacolod from a small city with sugarcane plantation everywhere to a newly developed subdivisions, condominiums now a days. There are a lot of options when it comes to food from western, native, Chinese , Japanese. Punta Taytay viewing deck is a new hub just close to the city, fresh sea foods with cool sea breeze awaits you, but as bacolodnons I advice visitors to be vigilant and assertive as at times some restaurant are selling unfresh seafoods that can cause food poisoning, at all cost please,
    please avoid Viewing deck 9 , they are pricey, poor In service and dishonest with there food . The rest of the viewing deck resto are all good, only this one gives us bad experience.

    • Always so happy to see your blog!  You bring wonderful and exciting and delicious information into your stories and blog…I do miss Bacolod & Silay!!  I have some great news to share!  My baby sister has found me and she too is here in the U.S.  We have been looking for each other and after 50 yrs later….I am soooooooo grateful to God for answering our prayers.    Fifty years later, we have found each other and I can not wait to bring both of us home!  One day though in God’s perfect time, this wish will also come true.  Abundant blessings to you, your family and your business, Gary!   until next time, keep on smiling  🙂  

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