Buying Cheese in Bacolod City

There are a number of things I try to keep on hand at all times and good quality cheese is at the top of my list. We lived in a part of China for 5 years where you could not buy butter, margarine or real cheese. We would have to shop in Hong Kong, Xiamen or Guangzhou to buy real cheese and butter.

When we moved to Bacolod, the days of not being able to buy good quality cheese anytime we wanted was over. I may not be able to buy a certain brand of cheese anytime I want but there is always a good quality brand of cheese available at SM, Metro and Robinsons.

Cheddar Cheese

In 2009 and 2010, I found an old friend among cheese. Land O’ Lakes Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Then one day, SM discontinued the brand. They replaced it with American Heritage Cheddar Cheese, product of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is great American Cheese. It comes in Mild, Medium, Sharp and Extra Sharp. The cost is P190 for an 8 oz block or about 227 grams. I buy Extra Sharp.

Lately, SM has not had American Heritage Cheddar Cheese in stock. They had plenty around Christmas time but not since. I had to buy an alternative and went with Real California brand Cheddar Cheese. It is white colored cheese and I prefer yellow or orange colored cheddar. Real California white cheddar is ok in a pinch.

Last Sunday at Metro, I discovered, for the first time, Real California brand Orange Cheddar Cheese. The cost is P145 for a 190 gram block. I tried some of this new cheese this morning with a croissant and I am very well pleased with the taste. Metro also had the Real California Colby Jack Cheese in stock for a little more in cost. Also a new item in stock.

To switch up, I sometimes buy McLelland Red Leicester Cheese, product of UK. I like it very much and it is about P240 for 8 oz, so it is pricier than American Cheese. SM also stocks 3 or so other types of McLelland Cheese from UK. I have tried them all over time and all are good.

In Bacolod, I have also tried Mainland Cheese from New Zealand and Bega Cheese from Australia. Both are good.

Parmesan and Processed Cheese

Concerning Parmesan, I do not buy Kraft brand. I buy Mondo Vecchio brand, product of Appleton, Wisconsin. It is P99 for a 3 oz bottle. Several supermarkets sell Mondo Vecchio. Lopues Mandalagan had Buy One Take One for P99 not long ago and I grabbed that deal. If in the ref, Mondo Vecchio Parmesan will still be fresh 12 months after best by date.

I stay away from the processed cheese made in the Philippines. I would buy a good quality cheese made in the Philippines but not available for the most part. One Christmas, we bought one brand of Quezo de Bola, Magnolia, which was pretty good. This holiday cheese is Edam Cheese.

This is the latest information you will find anywhere about buying cheese in Bacolod City.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

One thought on “Buying Cheese in Bacolod City

  1. SaveMore and Robinson’s and Haven’t had cheddar cheese in stock for 3-4 weeks! Also no heavy cream for making fettuccine Alfredo. Looks like I’ll have to resort to going to Bob’s Deli on Lacson to buy my cheese but don’t know where to buy heavy cream???? Are there any specialty stores in Bacolod where I can consistently find dairy products???

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