Wrestling Fans: WWE in the Philippines

Nanay, my wife’s mom, is spending the weekend with us. She lives less than 50 km from us but she does not like coming to the city very often. She prefers the simpler rural life on the farm.

Last night, while everyone else was asleep, Nanay watched WWE Main Event and NXT Wrestling with me until well after the midnight hour. Nanay is pushing 80. I am still smiling and laughing today, as Nanay was a hoot! Nanay was really into the wrestling matches, speaking loudly in Ilonggo and making some interesting gestures as well.

Too bad Nanay will be back home soon and she will miss WWE Smack Down at 10pm. It will be awesome!

It may seem like something small, but I will never forget watching wrestling with Nanay as long as I live. I am a big wrestling fan and she was more into it than me last evening!

On Friday evening in Alabama for 8 years, I would watch live wrestling in the auditorium. I knew the promoter very well, Nick Gulas. I also personally knew some of the wrestlers. Jerry The King Lawler is one and is now a regular TV announcer on WWE Smack Down.

It’s Here!

I think it is great that wrestling fans can watch WWE and NXT on TV in the Philippines. On Fox Asia HD. The monthly wrestling PPV is free here and it is indeed live from the USA. RAW is shown here on Fridays, so it is only 3 days behind. Smack Down is shown on Sundays here, so it is only 3 days old. Main Event is shown on Saturdays here, so it is only 4 days old. WWE Vintage Collections is shown on Thursdays here and it is clips from wrestling matches of years gone by. Some of those wrestlers are not even on the planet any longer, such as Andre the Giant, the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Macho Man Savage.

A number of my Filipino friends are wrestling fans. A number of wrestlers have gone on to become famous actors, such as Dave Batista, who is a Fil-Am, according to an article I read in the Philippines Inquirer, and The Rock.

Some will disagree but for me, Wrestling is one of the King of Sports! Oh, yeah! Wrestle Mania will run wild on you. And you can believe that!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary McMurrain ~

I’ve Got Some Good News!

RVD! Rob Van Dam! Are you a WWE fan? Well, I have some good news for you! If you are in the Philippines, you can watch all your favorite matches and WWE shows on FOX ASIA TV. You can even watch NXT matches on Fox Asia TV. Our provider is Dream Satellite and I am able to watch WWE & NXT matches that my brother in Florida cannot watch unless he subscribes to WWE Network on his Dish Satellite! Is this not great or what for those of us in the Philippines?

Ready to see The Shield take on Evolution and kick their butts? You can watch all the action in the Philippines!

Pacific Xtreme
You can see Red de la Cruz on Pacific Xtreme Combat! Catch it on Dream!

white sox
Just because you do not live in a western country, this does not mean you cannot enjoy your favorite sports! Live MLB games can also be watched in the Philippines. Last night, I watched the Chicago White Sox beat the New York Yankees.

You can also catch all the latest news, even from Deputy Presidential Spokesperson, Abigail Valte. She can be seen and heard on TV Patrol on ABS-CBN TV, as she gives you the latest word from the Honorable President of the Philippines, Nonoy Aquino.

nipa hutz3jpg
You can learn about resorts in the Philippines that are not very well known by watching Asia Travel. Yep, it is on Dream Satellite.

I am not going to post the entire TV schedule in the Philippines, but as you can see, there is plenty to watch. Sports Entertainment, News, Travel information and much more is available!

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Take care and I hope to see you one day, somewhere, all around Bacolod!