Panaad Festival 2013 at Night

Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses at Night

There are hundreds of vendors at the Panaad Festival selling so many different items, which is part of the fun of looking around.

Balut and Peanuts

Balut and Peanuts

One of the most common night time snacks in the Philippines is balut. Balut is duck eggs that have been fertilized with the embryo for about 8 days and then boiled before eating. The peanuts are simply roasted peanuts.


Seafood Market

Seafood Market

There are a number of seafood markets at the Panaad Festival. After choosing your favorite seafood, you can have it cooked or packaged to take home.




Nice Looking Prawns

Nice Looking Prawns

Grilled Scallops

Grilled Scallops

One of my favorite treats at the Panaad Festival is eating grilled scallops on the half shell. P150, or less than $4, will buy a lot of scallops for several people to share.

Local Handicrafts

Local Handicrafts

More Handicrafts

More Handicrafts


Beautiful Vases

Handicraft Vases

There are many beautiful handicrafts to choose from at the Panaad Festival and these are only a very few among the vast variety.

There are still 4 nights and 5 days left of exuberant activities at the Panaad sa Negros Festival 2013. You still have time to make it!







Panaad sa Negros Festival 2013

Today, April 8, is the official opening of the Panaad sa Negros Festival and we already made the rounds. The 19 towns and 13 cities of Negros Occidental have exhibits at the festival.


Avocado, Mango and Singkamas

This photo was taken at the exhibit of my wife’s hometown in Negros Occidental. Singkamas is also referred to a jicama and Mexican turnip.


Calabasa Squash

The first day of the Panaad Festival features the local fruits, vegetables and livestock. By sundown, the Festival will be in full swing with the pulsating beat of music.



Panaad 2013

A prize pig! Unique coloring.



The carabao is the National Animal of the Philippines. Locals also refer to the carabao as a buffalo and foreigners often refer to them as water buffalo.

Panaad 2013

A prize goat! This is not your typical local goat but what is referred to as a hybrid, of Nubian stock.

Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle

The Brahman Cattle on exhibit today are from Sagay City.

Arrival of Lechon Baboy

Arrival of Lechon Baboy

It is lunch time! A festival is never complete without lechon baboy, which is roast pig.

This is my first post about Panaad Festival 2013 and we still have six more days of festival to go. More later!



A Day at Panaad Park

Some of life’s greater enjoyments do not cost one centavo. A day at the park with family is one such enjoyment.

Avenue of Eucalyptus Trees

Panaad Park in Bacolod City is like being in the country side. It is where the Annual Panaad sa Negros Festival is held.

Sis in law and my nephew

Baby likes to boogie in the park!

Game Time

Dig out!

Play of the Day

A nice backward save and hit!

Refreshment Time

Nothing like ice cream and beer after a day at the park! But not at the same time.

Living in our area of the Philippines has such great moments. To me, it compares to turning back the clock to a time in Southern America when the pace was slower, the family unit was close knit, neighbors were real neighbors, everyone knew everyone in the community, God still lived in our neighborhood, people helped others in need without expecting anything in return, we counted our daily blessings and we were not stressed out about tomorrow. We knew that no matter what happens today, tomorrow is going to be even better!

The Bacolod Area is not perfect but it is the closest thing to Paradise on Earth that I have found. I have been to 30 of the 50 States in America, which were all the ones I cared to see, and I have been to four Asian countries, so I have first hand comparisons I can make.

I hope to see ya one day, all around Bacolod.



Drum Competition at the 2012 Panaad sa Negros Festival

Yesterday, April 15, was the last day of this year’s Panaad sa Negros Festival. We did not attend until the late afternoon.

I am by no means a professional drummer but I have my own set of Timbales drums with the cow bell attached and I have played since the early 90s. The highlight for me during the last day of the Panaad Festival was the drum competition. Cities and towns from around Negros Occidental take the drum competition seriously and they practice year ’round until the next Panaad Festival.

Drum Competition

Drums, drums and more drums! Congas, bongos, timbales, steel drums, kettle drums, bass drums, homemade drums and professionally made drums. Music to my ears!

A break from the action

Waiting for their round again in the competition.

Last turn!

Such fast, furious and excited drumming was hard to capture on camera but they were really cooking! I wish the late great Tito Puente, King of the Timbales, was still around to see the local talent. He would be proud.


They certainly had the beat! The drummer blowing the samba whistle during the drumming really made the Panaad Festival a Carnival Event. Cabasa shakers, cheese scrapers and other hand shaken instruments added to the wonderful sound! Percussion at its finest.

Time to start practicing again, as the Drum Competition of the 2013 Panaad sa Negros Festival will be here before we know it. Only about 364 more days left to practice!!

2012 Panaad sa Negros Festival

The Panaad Festival kicked off on Monday, April 9, and will end on Sunday, April 15. The weekend will be the highlights of the Festival but every day is good. We heard the fireworks from our home on the opening night.

Tropical Treasures

There is a little bit of everything at the Panaad Festival. Almost every city, town and municipality in Negros Occidental has an exhibit.

More Tropical Treasures

Food and drink are one of the many pleasures at the Panaad Festival. Luscious fruit, fabulous vegetables, native cuisine and native drinks make an enjoyable experience.

Miami Dolphins??

Not today! Philippine Dolphins at Panaad. 

More Luscious Beauty

It really is more fun in the Philippines!!

Oh, yes! We have some bananas!

There are many types of bananas grown in Negros Occidental and this is one showcase.

Five more days to go in the Panaad Festival. I will be there every day and I will share more. If you have a juicer, blender or food processor, just imagine all the great drinks you can whip up from the fruits and vegetables from the Panaad Festival. The Showcase of Negros Occidental, my home. It is Showtime!




Panaad sa Negros Festival April 9-15, 2012

It is about that time of year again. My favorite festival will begin soon. Panaad sa Negros Festival. Every city, town and municipality in Negros Occidental will have an exhibit at Panaad Park and Stadium in Bacolod City. There is something for everyone at Panaad! Negrense Cuisine from north, central and south, handicrafts, other native products, sporting events, contests, eco garden exhibits, agriculture exhibits and ideas (including organic and hydroponics), music, dance, martial arts, trade fair, a derby and fireworks. I can hardly wait!

I will be posting photos from the 2012 event and I will now post a few photos from last year’s Panaad sa Negros Festival 2011.


My son and I at the Toboso exhibit.

Hydroponics from the town of Hinigaran

Being a gentleman farmer, I am very much interested in new agriculture techniques.

Wonderful looking cauliflower grown in Negros Occidental.

Handicraft Vases

Beautifully Carved Fruit

And yes, you can eat the fruit.

Handicraft Jewelry

Panaad is a collector’s haven, as one will find many unique collectibles. The good thing is, you can bargain the prices and both seller and buyer are happy!

Children Love the Panaad Festival

Are you ready to have fun, di ba? Each day of the seven day festival has a new event. If you are an early riser, you are in luck, as Panaad starts at 6am! Every day. Morning, afternoon and night, it doesn’t matter, as you will find something exciting to do. Great food, cold drinks and music all day and night.

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Festival Caravan will be at Panaad on Saturday, April 14 at 9pm. There will be surprise special guests from among popular entertainment personalities.

I hope to see you at Negros sa Panaad Festival one day, April 9-15! I will be there.