Buffalo Wings in Bacolod


One of my favorite foods is Buffalo Wings and it is probably the one dish that can always perk up my appetite. I never tire of Buffalo Wings and I can happily eat them several times every week. There is at least one restaurant in Bacolod City that I am aware of, which has Buffalo Wings on their menu, but since I am a positive guy, I won’t mention the name of the restaurant because their wings are not prepared the way expats and Filipino-Americans enjoy them. We enjoy the original and classic style of Buffalo Wings made famous by the Anchor Bar in New York.

Many of my American friends and family members back in the States are always amazed of the food products available in the supermarkets in the Bacolod Area.

It is traditional to eat celery dipped in Blue Cheese Dressing with Buffalo Wings but I don’t need celery and dip to enjoy the Wings! Celery and Blue Cheese Dressing are available in Bacolod but it is just my personal choice not to include them when I prepare Buffalo Wings.

Mama Sita’s Buffalo Wings Sauce

Mama Sita brand is very famous all over the Philippines, as is Mama Sita! The family of Mama Sita Reyes owned and operated the famous Aristocrat Restaurant, located in Manila on Roxas Boulevard, for many years. I have eaten at the Aristocrat many times in the past and it was my favorite Filipino Restaurant in Metro Manila. Mama Sita brand sauces and mixes are sold in supermarkets, small grocery stores and even in some small sari sari stores nationwide. The sauces and mixes make preparing Filipino dishes at home a snap! It gives the authentic taste one is seeking, without compromising quality, when they don’t  have hours to spend in the kitchen. Keeping in step with the times, Mama Sita now makes Buffalo Wings Sauce and it is readily available at SM Supermarket.

I still make my own Buffalo Wings sauce from time to time and it is very simple. Melted butter and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix

For those who want to kick up your Buffalo Wings a few notches, you can buy the McCormick brand Classic Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. It also comes with a packet of Buffalo Wings Sauce, if you want to use it. I always deep fry the Buffalo Wings without batter and this seasoning mix is not a batter but it really kicks up the taste of the wings. It is also available at SM Supermarket. I have always enjoyed my own recipe for Buffalo Wings but I have discovered the combination of McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix and the Buffalo Wings Sauce really takes the wings to the next level of excellence.

Buffalo Wings

These are last night’s batch of our Buffalo Wings made at home in our kitchen. This was my serving but I promise, I did not eat all 10. I stopped at 7! We did not have celery and Blue Cheese Dressing.

What is this?

Those are potato wedges! A nice variation of French fries. Simply cut the potato into larger wedges, leaving the skin on, and deep fry. I enjoy these much better than celery, to say the least! It is no problem to fry them in the same vat as the Buffalo Wings. More flavor.

As I always say, everyday unfolds a new adventure in the Bacolod Area and you can create another one of your own, right in your home kitchen!