Needful Things

Some days, I just want to bang on the drum all day! It is so great being retired to the Philippines and I can’t think of a better place than the Bacolod area.

Das Burgery
I know several places to find the Cheeseburger in Paradise. I recently posted about Gunny’s All American Burger in Bacolod. Well, Buckaroos, you can add one more excellent burger to your list. Das Burgery. You can check their Facebook to get their schedule, as they are not a restaurant in a building. They are traveling burgers. Das Burgery is at Ayala District Mall one or two weekends each month.

Das Burgery
Hey! That’s me with a 101 Das Burger and an ice cold SMB.

It is impossible to be bored in the Bacolod area. There is something to do for most everyone. Unless you are a hunter. Wildlife is protected in the Philippines and foreigners cannot own firearms.

It’s time to bang on the drums again. I am excited to play Conga! I have my own Latin Percussion Timbales drums at home. Remember Tito Puente?

Please check out my latest article about Thanksgiving in Bacolod on Retiring to the Philippines.

Take care! I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Kuster’s Smoked Ham and Food Hub in Bacolod

A new and interesting food cart has opened at Lopues Mandalagan Shopping Center. Kuster’s Smoked Ham and Food Hub is located next to Roli’s, near the grocery store entrance. What is unique about this food cart is all the food that is sold is homemade. The hams are personally smoked, the different breads are baked fresh and not bought for reselling.

Food Cart

You can order food to eat right away or order food to go. You don’t have to buy a whole ham, asĀ  you can buy as little as 200 grams or as much as a kilo. The smoked ham sandwiches are very good, so no need to buy grams or kilos. My wife and our son lean more toward Philippine food, so if that is what you also like, Kuster’s can fix you right up. Lumpia or Philippine spring rolls are excellent, as is the morosqueta rice.

I am really excited about the English muffins!! This is the first time I have seen English muffins anywhere for sale in Bacolod City. I bought 3 packs of English muffins at Kuster’s to take home. Smoked ham on an English muffin with a fried egg will really start your day out with a smile. Whatta breakfast! Mrs Kuster makes the English muffins from scratch and they are fabulous. I know English muffins very well and I have since I was a young boy. English muffins for breakfast were my favorites since the 1960s and still are today.

There are so many things you can do with English muffins! Eggs Benedict is one of my favorites. A poached egg on top of smoked ham or Canadian Bacon, on a toasted English muffin. Eggs Benedict! Cheese, cream cheese, jelly, jam, marmalade, Vegemite, butter or your favorite sandwich spread will go well on an English muffin. Liver pate will work. I’ve never tried it but bagoong, or shrimp paste, will work, too!

It seems that every month in Bacolod brings us new places to eat and new places to buy food. I am busy trying to keep up with the all new places!

More Food in the Philippines

I love and enjoy everyday in the Philippines. Everyday continues to unfold a new adventure for me.

Weekends are a common time for family and friends to get together, just like anywhere in the world. When that happens, you can be assured of lots of good food to eat! Last Sunday was no exception.

Grilled Bangus Fish

Sun cooked on top and charcoal cooked on the bottom. Hey, this is the Philippines, so you know there is going to be fish.

Nice Grill Marks

Bangus, aka, Milkfish, is a staple in the Bacolod Area.

Bicol Express

Bicol Express is Super Hot! This particular Bicol Express was made with pork liver, heart, lungs and intestines, with many hot chili peppers and coconut milk. It will really get your motor running! Just make sure you have something cold to drink when eating Bicol Express.


This Bopis was made with thinly sliced pork, hot chili peppers and coconut milk. A slight variation, as we switched up the recipes on purpose. Bopis is usually made with pork liver, heart, lungs and/or intestines but we decided to make this one lady friendly with the better cuts of meat and with less hot chili peppers, since there were more ladies around than men. We did the Bicol Express with what is normally used to make Bopis. We added sauteed garlic and onions to both dishes. It all worked out! Everyone ate a lot of both and everyone raved! The recipes were asked for, due to the slight variations on the original recipes.

Where's the Beef?

Joke only! I really enjoyed the native food. However, we don’t eat Bopis and Bicol Express everyday or even every week. We do eat a lot of fish and other seafood, a lot of chicken and pork without so much fat.

Philippine Cuisine is diverse and the very same dish can be prepared many different ways, as it differs from region to region and even from family to family in the same region. Check it out the first chance you have.