This Bud’s For You!

Anheuser-Busch inBev has worked out a $107 Billion deal to acquire SABMiller. The company will now control 30% of the beer market.

I recall when Budweiser was brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery but those days are long gone. Asia Brewery still distributes Budweiser in our area of the Philippines. The cost for Bud is at imported prices, about P70 per bottle, which is more than double the cost of San Miguel Pilsen and well more than double than the cost of Beer na Beer.

Miller High Life is involved in the ownership of Coors. Asia Brewery brews Coors and Coors Light in the Philippines. I don’t know where they get their Rocky Mountain Spring Water unless it is shipped in. The price of the local Coors is the same as San Miguel Pilsen in our area.

For any of these American beers to be successful in the Philippines, I think they should be priced below the price of local domestic beers, ie Pilsen, Red Horse, Beer na Beer. More Filipinos would be willing to try Bud and Miller High Life if it is P18 per bottle. Below P20. It can certainly be done.

Local Craft Beer

I’m looking forward to trying Illusion Beer in Bacolod. It is brewed right here in the City of Smiles.

So far, one of the better craft beers I have tried in Bacolod is NPA, Negros Pale Ale. I like it. 100% better than Bogsbrew! NPA, Primo and Bogsbrew are brewed in Bacolod City by Negros Island Brewery.

Katipunan Craft Ale was among the first of the large craft breweries in Manila. Kuppa Restaurant in Bacolod has Katipunan Ale from time to time. Their 3 Hops and a Hop IPA will stand up to just about any Indio Pale Ale.

Philippines Domestic Beers

I drink Beer na Beer, which is brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery. I pay P405 per 24 bottles case of Beer na Beer. Like San Miguel, Beer na Beer is a Pale Pilsen. Beer na Beer has won the Monde Gold Medal a number of times in Brussels for being the best foreign Pilsen.

San Miguel is the # 1 Beer in the Philippines The first San Miguel Brewery opened in 1890.

Over the years, San Miguel has expanded their product line. Pale Pilsen is the original beer. There is also San Mig Light, San Miguel Premium All Malt Beer, San Mig Strong Ice, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Flavored Beer in Apple and Lemon flavors, San Mig Zero, Cerveza Negra (San Miguel Dark Beer), Red Horse Extra Strong Beer, Gold Eagle Beer and Cali, which does not contain alcohol, aka Non Alcohol Beer.

Red Horse is a big seller because of its high alcohol content. Pilsen and Red Horse are sold in the large 1 liter bottles. Grande is the name of the large bottles of Pilsen and Litro is the name of the large bottles of Red Horse.

There are several restaurants and bars in Bacolod which have San Miguel Pilsen on draft. Tyrol Restaurant is one, which specializes in Austrian and German Cuisine.

Back to the Future

When I first arrived on the Golden Shores of the Philippines in 1986, San Miguel was the # 1 Beer. However, Carlsberg Beer was very popular, as was Manila Beer, both products of Asia Brewery. Back in the day, the Century Park Sheraton Hotel in Manila promoted only Manila Beer and it was the very first beer I had in Manila almost 30 years ago. It was good beer.

Beer Hausen Pale Pilsen was the first beer introduced by Asia Brewery but it was replaced with Manila Beer.

Several years ago, Asia Brewery reintroduced Manila Beer on the market but it is extra strong beer and tastes nothing like the original Manila Beer.

Another extra strong beer that is brewed and marketed by Asia Brewery is Colt 45.

Since 1890, Beer remains a poplar beverage in the Philippines.

If you drink beer, please drink responsibly.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~