Panaad 2013: Kabankalan and Victorias


I am a little late with my final post about the Panaad Festival 2013 but I will cover some very memorable highlights that we enjoyed as my favorite festival was winding down. I am already looking forward to Panaad 2014.

The Greater Bacolod Area is my favorite place in the Philippines and Negros Occidental is my favorite Province. When one attends the Panaad Festival, they can see all the greatness of the 19 towns and 13 cities of Negros Occidental. Two places that I would like to spotlight, a little bit, are Kabankalan and Victorias City. They both had interesting exhibits and I had my photo taken with two of the Festival Queens.


We have very good friends who live in Kabankalan and also family members. Kabankalan is a First Class City and outside the Metro Bacolod Area, Kabankalan is the fastest growing city in Negros Occidental. The second airport of Negros Occidental is under construction in Kabankalan. Kabankalan is being developed as a highly urbanized city in the province and while it will not be overnight, it is happening! The Mayor of Kabankalan is the former Governor of Negros Occidental, Isidro P. Zayco, and there are about 170,000 people living in Kabankalan. It is the home of the annual Kabankalan Sinulog Festival, which is held the third Sunday of January.

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival

Mag Aso Falls is one of the more famous tourist spots in the Kabankalan Area.

mag aso falls

Victorias City is a Fourth Class City, located NW of Bacolod City. Like most Filipino families, there are relatives living everywhere and Victorias City is no exception. Victorias Milling Company touts as being the world’s largest integrated sugar mill, as it sits on 7,000 hectares. Inside the Victorias Milling Company is their chapel and its mural of the Angry Christ is famous worldwide. It was painted by international artist, Alfonso Ossorio, and it has been featured in Life Magazine and in other famous publications.

angry christ jpg

Victorias City is also famous for Victorias Sardines!

victorias sardines

I have been a lover of music all my life and I always have a blast at the Panaad Festival! The different towns and cities spotlight an excellent band almost nightly and this year was no exception. I would like to mention Band Aid. An excellent band that I listened to at the Victorias City exhibit, two nights straight. I have met and listened to many guitarists over the years but one of the best I ever heard was in Band Aid. Marlon is his name. Tony, the front man of the band, told me that Band Aid plays on Monday and Friday evening in Bacolod at a resto bar. More on that later!

Marlon of Band Aid

Marlon of Band Aid. He can really play the guitar! Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn good!!

Band Aid

Band Aid

Band Aid did a number of songs by song stylists such as, America, the Beatles, Santana, Neil Young and a host of others. If anyone does not like Band Aid, something is wrong with them! Great songs.

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