This Bud’s For You!

Anheuser-Busch inBev has worked out a $107 Billion deal to acquire SABMiller. The company will now control 30% of the beer market.

I recall when Budweiser was brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery but those days are long gone. Asia Brewery still distributes Budweiser in our area of the Philippines. The cost for Bud is at imported prices, about P70 per bottle, which is more than double the cost of San Miguel Pilsen and well more than double than the cost of Beer na Beer.

Miller High Life is involved in the ownership of Coors. Asia Brewery brews Coors and Coors Light in the Philippines. I don’t know where they get their Rocky Mountain Spring Water unless it is shipped in. The price of the local Coors is the same as San Miguel Pilsen in our area.

For any of these American beers to be successful in the Philippines, I think they should be priced below the price of local domestic beers, ie Pilsen, Red Horse, Beer na Beer. More Filipinos would be willing to try Bud and Miller High Life if it is P18 per bottle. Below P20. It can certainly be done.

Local Craft Beer

I’m looking forward to trying Illusion Beer in Bacolod. It is brewed right here in the City of Smiles.

So far, one of the better craft beers I have tried in Bacolod is NPA, Negros Pale Ale. I like it. 100% better than Bogsbrew! NPA, Primo and Bogsbrew are brewed in Bacolod City by Negros Island Brewery.

Katipunan Craft Ale was among the first of the large craft breweries in Manila. Kuppa Restaurant in Bacolod has Katipunan Ale from time to time. Their 3 Hops and a Hop IPA will stand up to just about any Indio Pale Ale.

Philippines Domestic Beers

I drink Beer na Beer, which is brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery. I pay P405 per 24 bottles case of Beer na Beer. Like San Miguel, Beer na Beer is a Pale Pilsen. Beer na Beer has won the Monde Gold Medal a number of times in Brussels for being the best foreign Pilsen.

San Miguel is the # 1 Beer in the Philippines The first San Miguel Brewery opened in 1890.

Over the years, San Miguel has expanded their product line. Pale Pilsen is the original beer. There is also San Mig Light, San Miguel Premium All Malt Beer, San Mig Strong Ice, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Flavored Beer in Apple and Lemon flavors, San Mig Zero, Cerveza Negra (San Miguel Dark Beer), Red Horse Extra Strong Beer, Gold Eagle Beer and Cali, which does not contain alcohol, aka Non Alcohol Beer.

Red Horse is a big seller because of its high alcohol content. Pilsen and Red Horse are sold in the large 1 liter bottles. Grande is the name of the large bottles of Pilsen and Litro is the name of the large bottles of Red Horse.

There are several restaurants and bars in Bacolod which have San Miguel Pilsen on draft. Tyrol Restaurant is one, which specializes in Austrian and German Cuisine.

Back to the Future

When I first arrived on the Golden Shores of the Philippines in 1986, San Miguel was the # 1 Beer. However, Carlsberg Beer was very popular, as was Manila Beer, both products of Asia Brewery. Back in the day, the Century Park Sheraton Hotel in Manila promoted only Manila Beer and it was the very first beer I had in Manila almost 30 years ago. It was good beer.

Beer Hausen Pale Pilsen was the first beer introduced by Asia Brewery but it was replaced with Manila Beer.

Several years ago, Asia Brewery reintroduced Manila Beer on the market but it is extra strong beer and tastes nothing like the original Manila Beer.

Another extra strong beer that is brewed and marketed by Asia Brewery is Colt 45.

Since 1890, Beer remains a poplar beverage in the Philippines.

If you drink beer, please drink responsibly.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~


Rio Greeno’s Pizza in Bacolod

Located at the beginning of Lacson Extension, off Alijis Road, is Rio Greeno’s Pizza. Not to be confused with “Greeno’z Pizza” on Alijis Road. Rio Greeno’s is located in what look likes a two story house. We were there recently for a pizza to go, for taking to the beach.

While we did not dine in, there is a spacious dining area. Other than pizza and pasta, Rio Greeno’s also has Filipino and Swiss Food on their menu.

Waiting for Pizza

The wait for pizza was not long but long enough to enjoy a refreshing drink and look over the menu.

A cold one

There is a nice waiting area if you are taking pizza out.

Swiss Menu

Just a small peek for you concerning the Swiss Food on the menu.

Pizza Menu

A sneak peek at the Pizza Menu. There are more than 12 pizzas listed on the menu but you can also customize your own pizza.

Wall of Postcards

Take time out to look at the wall of postcards from Switzerland and other places.

Pepperoni Pizza

Rio Greeno’s turns out the kind of pizza I enjoy and that is, one made from scratch. I judge a good pizza by its crust. It doesn’t matter to me what the toppings are if the crust is not good. The kind of pizza that turns me off are the ones made from thick, prefab dough. Yeah, you know the place! Rio Greeno’s is not it. No, I am not getting paid to write this. Our son is also an excellent judge of good pizza and he enjoys Rio Greeno’s Pizza. He has been a little outspoken in the past when we would order pizza at other restaurants. When the pizza arrived at our table and before even tasting it, he said, “You call this pizza?” It is not the waiter or waitress’s fault, son. He understands now, not to be so outspoken. 

Pizza on the Beach

In line with one of the purposes of All Around Bacolod, I think that Rio Greeno’s is a restaurant that expats will enjoy going to and having a pizza and/or trying their Swiss Menu. We had rather dine in but we had already planned a beach trip last Saturday and we wanted to take pizza instead of having a BBQ on the beach.







Villa Rosa Beach Revisited

“You can’t go home again,” were famous words of the American author, Thomas Wolfe. Home may never be the same as it was when you left years ago but there are locations which never seem to change.

The Sea, as Far as You Can See

For some, the beach is only a place to swim but for me, the beach always offers peaceful tranquility. The sound of the waves, the shells washing up on the beach, the scurrying of crabs across the sand and all the sea life down below, unseen and often mysterious.

Bringing In the Catch of the Day!

A small fishing boat pulled up to the beach to sell their catch of the day. We had already brought our food to grill at the beach, so we did not really need to buy fish.

Fire Up the Grill!

It didn’t matter if we had finished breakfast only two hours beforehand, once at the seaside, it is time to begin preparing food.

Chicken Wings and Pork Chops

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is food and good times, there is music!

The Wandering Gypsy Beach Minstrel

The Philippine version of playing for tips. He was pretty good, actually! Playing a twangy guitar, he reminded me of the Ventures. Hawaii Five-O and Pipeline.

Recognition and a Smile

It isn’t everyday a guy shows up with an electric guitar and a battery powered amplifier ready to rock your house!

Smoking BBQ.

Hot Off the Grill!

Grilled Hot Wings with Mama Sita Buffalo Wing Sauce and grilled Pork Chop. There were six of us at the beach, so we had to be patient with the food. It takes time but well worth the wait.

Ice Cold Beer na Beer

In Barangay Sum-Ag, where Villa Rosa Beach is located, Asia Brewery’s Beer na Beer Pale Pilsen is more popular than San Miguel Beer products.

Frisbee Time

Lost a shoe?

Our son lost his shoe while catching the Frisbee.

Peanut Brittle

Snack time! Many vendors come around the beach cottages the entire day. One after another. They are selling peanut brittle, ice cream, chicharon, garlic peanuts, fried peanuts, fresh fish and other seafood to grill, balloons, toys, chopping and cutting boards and just about anything you can imagine.

Last Wing!

The last wing, the last brewski and almost time to head back to the hacienda!

More Fishing Boats Arriving

We would see what this catch brought in! Some nice prawns and crabs are always nice to take back home for supper.

It will be a few weeks but we look forward to our next day at Villa Rosa Beach. A place we can go anytime. It is always there and so is the tranquility.















Punta Taytay

In Bacolod City, there is a beach resort located in Barangay Sum-Ag known as Punta Taytay. There are actually several beaches there and Villa Rosa Beach is our favorite.

On the road leading to Punta Taytay is a very large restaurant complex known as “The Viewing Deck.” Each section or restaurant is known by a number. We just happened to stop at Viewing Deck 15 to check it out since this was our first time in this large restaurant complex.

Viewing Deck 15

The photo of the actual building of Viewing Deck 15 did not come out well due to the lighting. It was really a bright, sunny day last Sunday.

Behind Viewing Deck 15 were other restaurants, also numbered, so we decided to take a stroll. A lovely, friendly hostess standing outside Viewing Deck 16 greeted us with a big warm and friendly smile. We decided to go inside and take a look at the menu.

Viewing Deck 16 Bar

All the restaurants at Viewing Deck are native structures and this is the bar area of Viewing Deck 16.

We took a seat in the restaurant that overlooked the sea. Across the way was another one of many Viewing Deck Restaurants.

Another Viewing Deck Restaurant

Without a doubt, night time dining on the sea at Viewing Deck would be nice. Lanterns are used to light up the area when the sun goes down. Of course, there is also electricity. 

Hanging Lanterns

Some expats may not find the menus at Viewing Deck Restaurants very exciting unless they enjoy native Filipino seafood. I enjoy most all the native Filipino food, so I was excited! However, the restaurant we chose, Viewing Deck 16, had grilled pork chops on their menu and I think most Americans would enjoy grilled pork chops! We decided to go the seafood route.


We had to battle the sun in our photo taking but this one is not so bad. My best Filipino friend, Randy, was with us, so we started with an appetizer of Beer na Beer in the one liter bottle. It was about 1pm. The sponsor of the Viewing Deck Restaurants is Asia Brewery, so they do not sell San Miguel Beer Products. Beer na Beer, Manila Beer, Colt 45 and Coors Light is available. Of course, Coors and Coors Light are American beers but they are now brewed in the Philippines by Asia Brewery. 


Sinigang, Filipino soup, was the first dish of our meal. This sinigang had a tamarind base and the meat was lison fish. It also included onions, tomatoes, kangkong or water spinach, long green beans, eggplant and green chili pepper. This sinigang was not overly hot and spicy, as it was just right and A#1!

Grilled Pusit

Up next was grilled pusit, or squid, on bamboo skewers. Very tender which is how I rate a good squid dish. I’ve had some squid dishes that was like chewing on a rubber band but these squid were tender and not very chewy.

Grilled Lison Fish

One of my favorite native fish is Lison. I really enjoy it best deep fried, whole, but grilled well also rocks! Kalmansi, or local lime, kicks up the taste of grilled fish and other dishes. I only ran across two small bones in the Lison, so it was a nice fillet.

Randy and Me

Randy is my best Filipino friend and here we are on the Deck. My lovely wife was busy taking the photos and we never did get a shot of her at Viewing Deck of Punta Taytay!

If you are looking for inexpensive, quality Filipino style seafood, check out the Viewing Deck at Punta Taytay. There are many restaurants to choose from. It has a nice view of the sea and it is on the way to Villa Rosa Beach.