Cinco de Mayo


I do not know about in other areas but In Manila, Bacolod and in Cebu, you will find a number of restaurants and bars with Cinco de Mayo, May 5, Drink and Food Specials.

Some places worth checking out, if you are into Cinco de Mayo & Mexican Food and Drinks, include The Ruins, Manila Hotel, Taco Vengo, Alegria Cozinha and Agave Mexican Cantina, all located in Metro Manila.

In Bacolod, the best place for Cinco de Mayo, in a resto bar, will be at Mexicali in SM Mall. However, the best place for Cinco de Mayo in Bacolod will be at Gary’s El Rayo X Cantina; in my home with familia, amigos and amigas. Ice Cold Dos Equis Amber Cerveza, Tecate Beer, Sangria Wine, Michelada Mexican Beer and Mexican Food.

Suggested Cinco de Mayo Food. Coconut & Lime Black Beans, Enchiladas, Tacos, Burritos, Refried Beans, Nachos, Tortillas, Mango Salsa, Mexican Red Rice, Beef Tostadas, Chimichangas, Fajitas, Veracruz Fish with Fruit Salsa, Mexican Fish with Green Chili Sauce, Taco Dogs and Paella.

Any other suggestions?

There will not be any Tequila. Cerveza, Sangria Wine and Communion Wine…only.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod!

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

6 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

      • Amazing! Puerto has about 250,000 residents and quite a few expats. Moreover, there is a huge influx of tourists. One would think that some astute business person would stock import beers. The new SM occasionally has Beck’s in stock and Heineken can be found at SM and Robinson’s. Fortunately, we do have one of the best known craft breweries in the Philippines located here. Yes, craft beers are expensive, but the cost is commensurate with the quality.

  1. Surprisingly, most all the 7-Eleven Stores in Bacolod have a good selection of Imported Beers and they are not overly priced.

    Negros Island Brewery is in Bacolod and they make several Craft Beers. My favorite is Negros Pale Ale. Their Primo Beer is also pretty good. Their signature Craft Brew is Bogsbrew. Negros Island Craft Beers can be purchased at Cafe Bob’s Deli, Fresh Start Restaurants and at the Negros Showrooms. The prices are not really expensive and is less than many Imported Beers in Bacolod.

    One new Beer on the local market that I like is from Korea, Cass Beer. It is sold at Metro Supermarket for less than P50 each. Cass is a good Lager Beer.

    ~ Gary ~

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