Armour Star Meats in the Philippines

SM Supermarket has the largest selection of Armour Star Meats in Bacolod City. During the past week, SM has new stock of Armour Star Smoked Vienna Sausage, Barbecue Flavored Vienna Sausage, Chicken Vienna Sausage, Jalapeno Vienna Sausage, Treet Spiced Luncheon Meat and Potted Meat.

I am not complaining but it would be nice to also see Armour Star Chili, Hash, Roast Beef and Sliced Dried Beef. I would also like to find Armour Star packaged, not canned, Hot Dogs.

Armour Star had long been one of the leading Meat Packing Companies in America, since right after the Civil War. Nowadays, it is not only Armour Star but several other companies are part owners of Armour Star Meats. Pinnacle Foods, Smithfield Foods of Virginia and Eckrich Sausage are involved in Armour Star.

I cannot say everyone but for me, I still enjoy eating food that I grew up eating. I have always enjoyed a Vienna Sausage Sandwich with Mustard, ever since I can remember and I still do. However, I eat Vienna Sausage Sandwiches less often these days than I did in my younger days. Yet, I still always have several cans of Armour Vienna Sausage on hand for when I want to eat it.

Libby’s Vienna Sausage is alright, too, and it is also available in Bacolod City.

Less often but still liking it, I will make an Armour Potted Meat Sandwich with Mustard.

One time, I bought a Philippines brand Vienna Sausage just to try it and it was terrible. I did not finish eating even one of these Vienna Sausages. Tasha, our dog, ate them. I have only tried one Philippines brand of Vienna Sausage.

At one of the Delis in Bacolod, Metro, I bought the original style Vienna Sausage, imported from Europe and which is not canned, and it is very good but due to its length, probably best eaten on a long bun. Or adding it with cooked Cabbage and Potatoes. Also very good.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

One thought on “Armour Star Meats in the Philippines

  1. Back in the late 90’s potted meat producers plainly listed all the ingredients on their packaging. I remember picking up a can of Armour Potted Meat and one the ingredients was “Beef Lips”. They still list tripe (stomach lining) and beef hearts, but all of the things that might steer away customers fall under a “Catch All” category know as “Partially Defatted Cooked Beef Fatty Tissue”. Tissue? That does cover a lot of ground.

    Back in 2009, I made a delivery to an Armour meat processing plant. At that time, I owned a small Class C truck and as an independent owner/operator I would haul expedited freight. That delivery was a real awakening as to what constitutes “Beef Fatty Tissue”. In general, anything that is pink goes into the grinder.

    SPAM is a favorite of mine, because I know exactly what is in the can. But those products that contain Mechanically Separated Chicken (A meat product which celebrates the triumph of technology over nature. Chicken carcasses and bones which are left over from normal processing are forced through a sieve under high pressure, removing every last bit of meat from them) or Mechanically Separated Beef or Beef Fatty Tissue…I will have to take a pass on.

    Fortunately, there is one decent meat store here. I trust the owner. Moreover, if I want ground beef or pork, they grind it in plain view. That way I am assured that no lips, ears, feet, etc. are being tossed into the mix. Back in the states, I would occasionally eat Pickled Pigs Feet, but I knew exactly what I was eating. Canned meats are really mystery meats. To each his own.

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