A Day At Cafe Bob’s Deli

My best Filipino friend, Randy, and I went to Cafe Bob’s Deli this afternoon to kill some time. He ordered America Brewed Coffee and I ordered 1 bottle of Kawayan Ale, made by the Negros Island Craft Brewery. A great Ale, to say the least! I also ordered 1 bottle to go.

My friend and I had already eaten lunch at home. I had the more recently posted about, The Spam Burger! With Sriracha Mayonnaise, which I made. It has bite but is not overly spicy.

Bob’s Deli Grocery has a new supply of Johnsonville Italian Sausage, which I had to have! Bob’s has many other new items in stock, such as Jack Daniels Horseradish Mustard and more Spice It brand Creole Seasoning. Bob’s Deli always has a large supply of Deli Cold Cuts and Cheeses.

Take a Look Around!

I always enjoy dropping in Bob’s Deli for a cold beer and for browsing. For hard to find foreign food products, Bob’s is the go to place.

Bob’s Deli also has a Bakery. I bought a package of Ciabatta Baguettes, a very good version of the Verona, Italy original. Also, a package of Cinnamon Rolls.

I do not own stock in Cafe Bob’s Deli but I wish I did! Bob’s has a number of branches in Bacolod City but their Deli is on Lacson Street. Bob’s recently opened a Spanish Tapas Restaurant on CL Monteilbano in Bacolod.

I hope to see ya one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod. Maybe at Bob’s Deli?

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

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