What to Do in the Philippines on Christmas Day

The church service is over, you have enjoyed the midnight Noche Buena meal with your family & friends, you have slept a little and what’s next? It is Christmas Day!

Stay at home or take to the highway?

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

On Christmas Day, some in the family go to the beach and have a cookout or a picnic. Some go to the mountain, Pandanon Valley, for the same. Some head out to one of the malls, which are open. My wife and son went swimming with other moms and our son’s classmates.

I may well be the last foreigner living in Bacolod to dine at Pepe’s Restaurant. We finally made it and had Christmas Dinner there. They have a very interesting menu, including Smoked Baracuda. Pepe’s is the only restaurant in Bacolod where I have seen Anchovy Pizza on their menu and that is what I ordered. It was awesome.

I was thinking of the Smoked Barracuda but my wife said it is not good eating fish on Christmas Day. So, I didn’t.

The others in our group ordered Pepperoni Pizza, Cheeseburgers and Baby Back Ribs. We also shared a Greek Salad. All the food was great.

Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room

Some foreigners hit the bars and some bars are open on Christmas Days. Lonely guys like girls dancing on bars and girls like guys driving fast cars. Hello Bret Michaels! Cold beer and hot chicks. It beats spending time in a lonely room at home, all alone.

I have never been alone at Christmas time in the Philippines but I did spend 2 lonely Christmas Eve’s alone in Florida. One Christmas night, I went to a Chinese Resto Bar in Ft Walton Beach, Florida, ate off the Chinese buffet and sang karaoke. Before long, I had people with me, who were also apparently alone.

The younger Filipinos attend parties on Christmas Day, with their peers and friends.

I received an email about a Christmas Party held at The Brewery Bar in Taguig, Metro Manila. Christmas at 10pm.

Think of Others, Will You?

For a number of people, they can only stay home because of lack of funds to do anything special on Christmas Day. They have food to eat, something to drink and that’s enough for some. A number of others do not even have that.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to drop by a poor family with some goodies for them on Christmas Day. They will love you for it and they will never forget this Christmas. Because of you!

Even if it is a day or 2 or 3 after Christmas, you can still spread good tidings and wonderful cheer into the hearts and lives of those in need.

Christmas is not officially over in the Philippines until the Festival of the Three Kings, which is on January 3rd this year. Always the first Sunday immediately after New Year.

Let’s not ever forget Christmas. For unto us, a child was born. His name is called Wonderful, Counseller, the mighty God. The Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas! May the Holy Ghost be with you.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

One thought on “What to Do in the Philippines on Christmas Day

  1. I totally agree with Gary on this, anyone can give any amount of money and make a huge difference in the lives of a family. The Christmas season is one thing I am totally looking forward to in the Philippines. I hear the Christmas season starts around October 1st and runs for months. How great is that. 🙂

    Remember you can not take any money with you. I encourage you to give some of it away.

    Merry Christmas to all………….!

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