After the Manila APEC Summit

Hats off to the Philippines and its professional security forces during the APEC Summit held this week in Manila. Fabulous job!

There is a lot of Buzz after the APEC Summit in Manila. There were many highlights.

Since there is not a First Lady in the Philippines, the 4 Aquino sisters, led by Kris, entertained the wives of the leaders attending APEC. It has been reported that the 4 sisters paid out of their own pockets for a luncheon for the wives. They also toured them around Intramuros.

All the male leaders at APEC wore the Barong Tagalog and the Inquirer has an online poll, as to which leader wore it best.

Many ladies agree that PM Trudeau of Canada and Mexican President Nieto were the 2 “hotties!”

Hotel Buzz

Since they are now gone from the Philippines, a number of hotels have bragging rights about particular world leaders lodging in their hotel. All the leaders were not put up in the same hotel.

Surprisingly, the President of China stayed in my favorite hotel in Manila, Century Park, which was once a Sheraton. Obama stayed at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Russian Premier Medvedev stayed at Crown Towers. PM Trudeau stayed at the Manila Peninsula. Raffles, the Diamond Hotel and Solaire Resort and Casino Hotel were also utilized by world leaders.

Agreements and Friendships Confirmed

There were a number of sideline meetings between a number of the world leaders.

Russia and the Philippines signed an Economic and Anti-Drug Agreement. Vietnam and the Philippines signed a Strategic Partnership Plan. Chile and the Philippines signed an agreement concerning Disaster Rick Management. South Korea reaffirmed support to assist in the modernization of the Philippines Military.

Australia and the Philippines inked 2 agreements. One will focus on Technical and Vocational Education. The other agreement focused on Comprehensive Partnership between the 2 countries.

There were several other minor agreements and exploration talks but I have focused on the highlights.

It was noted that many protesters in Manila do not even know what APEC is!

Excitement in the City

I observed the activities in Manila during the APEC Summit from afar since I live in Bacolod City. However, I felt the excitement and I wish I had been there in person.

The APEC Summit was once again another venue on he world stage for the Philippines and Filipinos to showcase their fabulous hospitality. All those in attendance appeared to enjoy themselves while in Manila and several voiced what a wonderful time they indeed had.

I personally hated seeing the APEC Summit end but it could not last forever. There will be more exciting events in the Philippines during future days.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

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