Conees Cansi & Sugba



If you are feeling a little run down, I’m going to tell you what to do and where to go. Head on over to Conees Cansi & Sugba, located on Alijis Road near the turn off to Lopues Supermarket and Panaad Park. My family and I dined there this evening and we really enjoyed it.

Conees Cansi & Sugba is in native architecture with native Filipino decor and it gives you the true atmosphere of dining in the Philippines. Bamboo is everywhere in the restaurant. The service is great, the food is fabulous and the restrooms are extremely modern and clean.

House Specialties

Cansi! This is the signature dish of Conees Cansi and Sugba, which most everyone goes there for. The cover photo of this article is indeed a hot bowl of cansi. Cansi is Negrense comfort food. It is boiled beef in a wonderful broth, complete with beef bone and bone marrow. It is delicious. A small order of cansi at Conees Cansi & Sugba is P230, with the large order priced at P280. I suggest getting the large order because your friends and family will love you more!

The meaning of sugba is grill. Conees has marvelous grilled food, which I simply call BBQ. Chicken inasal and grilled pork chops are what we ordered. Wow! Everyone agreed that their order was awesome. Grilled pork chops are priced at P55 and chicken inasal leg quarter is priced at P75. We had garlic rice as our side dish.

Conees will also grill up boneless bangus for you, which is milk fish. If you have never tried bangus, you are in for a treat and I highly recommend it to you. Grilled boneless bangus is P180.

Soft drinks and ice cold beer are served at Conees Cansi & Sugba. Water served is purified, so have no fear. You can drink the water!

Filipino Food

Eating Filipino food is part of the adventure but some expats are set in their ways and they don’t want to be adventurous. They don’t know what they are missing! There are many, so many delicious Filipino dishes. When I lived in the Philippines 1986-1987, I ate Filipino food almost exclusively because I wanted to experience all the food.

Fast forward to today. I still enjoy southern comfort food and food I was accustomed to back in the States. However, I eat Filipino food every week, just not every meal and maybe not everyday.

I don’t think you will go wrong by trying cansi and any number of local grilled dishes.

If you are living in the Philippines, I hope you will be adventurous and try the local food!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod. Maybe, it will be at Conees Cansi & Sugba!

Your Amigo,

~ Gary ~

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