Keeping Healthy and Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies and Folk Medicine do not work for everyone. None work forever because none of us live forever on the planet.

I am not on any Rx meds and I am thankful everyday. I can’t remember for sure the last time I had to take an antibiotic or a Tylenol but it has been well over 20 years ago. I have taken TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), utilized acupuncturists, have taken natural Philippine Folk Medicine and have utilized helots. They work for me 100% or at least have up to this point. But these may not work for you!

I learned Tai Chi years ago but I tweaked what I learned and have my own method. It works best for me but it may not work for you. I have no interest in marketing my own Tai Chi system.

Road To Recovery

The MDs who are honest will admit that their patients who believe in a higher power, practice a faith or are affiliated with a church have a higher recovery rate than those who believe in nothing at all. There has been many research papers written about this for many, many years.

I attribute my excellent health at age 61 more to my Faith in Divine Health from above than anything else. However, I also do a few external things to help. I enjoy Tai Chi. I also avoid harsh and harmful Western style medications. I am blessed that I don’t need to rely on those at this point in my life. However, if I had to, I would to extend my life.

Since 1985, I have used the less invasive treatment first when I needed medical intervention. I don’t take pain relievers when having a mild headache or having muscular aches and pains. Others must and I am not being critical. I use Tiger Balm and it works for me. It may not work for you! I learned how to control the pain. Of course, if my appendix ruptured, I can’t control that! I would be in a world of hurt and I would be on my way to the ER. I am referring to minor ailments that can be overcome without meds.

Less Is Always Best

Less meds and less surgeries are always best, when possible. Some famous progressive MDs on the scene today, such as Dr Samadi, Dr Siegal and Dr Micozzi agree. Too many surgeries are performed without trying something less invasive first. Antibiotics and other meds are too often prescribed when not really needed.

In Bacolod City, there are many Wellness Centers and Alternative Medicine Clinics. I agree if the ailment is not an emergency and is not life threatening, why not try something else first? Something that is less invasive and is actually less expensive. An American once told me he did not believe in this crap! I told him, “then, it is not for you!” I left it at that.

I know a foreigner in the NIR, Negros Island Region, who eats chicken 3 X per day and never tires of it. He believes chicken keeps him healthy. You may be shocked how many years he has eaten only chicken as his meat. It is his belief but it is not my belief that I must only eat chicken. It works for him, perhaps, but it will not work for me. I am about ready for a chili dog.

For any medical treatment to be effective, the patient must believe in the one treating them and the method they are using to help them recover. That’s my opinion and others may have a different opinion.

Prayerfully, everyone remains in good health and prospers!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~

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