Shop ‘Til You Drop

I enjoy shopping at Metro Supermarket around the 4th weekend of the month. This is the weekend that the food vendors are there at the Ayala Mall Weekend Food Fair.

Passing by Xin Chao Vietnamese food stand, I was about to order one of their very good Vietnamese Sandwiches, however, I had 2nd thoughts. The time was 2pm and none of the meat or veggies were refrigerated. All were inside a showcase to keep the flies away but it was a hot day. I know the meat had been out in the heat at least 4 hours and that is not good for pork! The restaurants at the Food Fair are outdoors, underneath a large, open sided tent.

My best Filipino friend was with me and we knew we could not go wrong by ordering and eating a hamburger from Das Burgery and that is what we did. Their burgers are among the best in the city. The price for their 101 Hamburger is P120.

Lord Byron Ribs were also present at the Food Fair. Baby back ribs with rice is P150. Lord Byron has great ribs!

Spend a Little, Buy a Lot!

I spent P1,081 at Metro Supermarket this afternoon.

The big ticket item was P185 for a bottle of La Victoria Green Taco Sauce.

Chicken leg quarters were P125 per kilo. A rack of pork shoulder ribs were P90 or P212 per kilo. I just needed the P90 rack.

Springfield Chili with Beans was P126 per can. I make good chili but I like having a couple of cans of commercial chili on hand in the event I need them for whatever reason.

A 1.4 lb squeeze bottle of Morehouse Mustard, the Official Mustard of the LA Dodgers, was P139.

The rest was spent on coffee, snacks and 1 Sapporo Beer.

I think overall, prices of shopping in Bacolod are holding steady and inflation remains low. You can still buy a lot with P1,000 in the supermarkets. I could not do this with $21.50 in The Swamp in Florida, at Walmart Supermarket. I shopped there last year April-May and I still recall the high prices. Maybe even higher now, 17 months later. If I take the time, I can do a current price check on the Walmart website.

At Walmart in The Swamp, 2 lbs of frozen Whiting Fish was $5.99. I pay P98 or $2.10 for a *kilo* of Cream Dory White Fish in Bacolod.

I can’t recall exactly but in The Swamp, the Libby’s Corned Beef was 30-50 cents higher for the same size can of Libby’s Corned Beef that I buy in Bacolod.

Metro and SM are my 2 favorite places to shop for groceries in Bacolod.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary ~

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