Get the Table, Devon!

dudley boyz

You may ask yourself, what has this got to do with the Philippines?

There is not a death penalty in the Philippines but there are tables, di ba? I think you know where this is going. No death penalty but there is Dudleyville and there are tables!

For every foreigner who commits a crime, why not send them to Dudleyville? It depends on the seriousness of their crimes as to how many times they are slammed through a table! They won’t die but they will have some color to see, see! Black and blue. Dudleyville has the tables and many of them!

I think there should be a special hardwood table for all the foreign grifters, hackers, scammers and schemers, who rip other people off from things they worked hard for. An even harder table for foreigners who are Ped-Files!! Same for those who exploit Filipinas.

Of course, I am a foreigner who is proud living here and I am in no way trying to interject into how the Philippines Govt deals with foreign criminals. But, this is good catharsis for all the foreigners who have been ripped off and wronged by other foreigners in the Philippines. There are many of us. Some of us have lost money, some had our written material ripped and copyrighted by others without permission and some others have even lost their wives to the wiles of other foreigners. Send them to Dudleyville!


I hope you read my article in the way I have laid it down, in the jest. I am a non-violent person and would never harm anyone unless it was to prevent the loss of my life or the loss of others lives. That is the game changer! They deserve more than The Table.

I was a Correctional Officer and Correctional Officer Sgt just a few months short of 5 years. I worked at UCI and Dafe CI. UCI had Death Row. I was once a big supporter of the Death Penalty but after seeing the condition of the world today, it is not really a deterrent to the evil that men and some women do in the world. Just take them to Dudleyville and then lock them away for life! Once again, joke only about Dudleyville. However, it may be good catharsis for some, in their minds. Slam them through the table in your mind and then move on. Forget about them. Never allow your detractors and enemies to control your lives.

I was a Mental Health Professional in Alabama and Florida for over 20 years. Catharsis is good for us all at times!

I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Always, Your Amigo,

~ Gary McMurrain ~

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