Beautiful Philippines Sunshine

philippine sun2

I am a proud and patriotic American, however, my love for the Philippines runs deep, as it has for the past 29 years. Whenever I see the Philippines sun, the Philippine flag, or hear the Philippines National Anthem , I also get goose bumps! Just as when I hear the songs, God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner from the USA. Wow!

I think if a foreigner is going to live in the Philippines, they should embrace the country. They should embrace and respect the vibrant Filipino Culture. They should also abide by the laws of the Philippines, which they are subject to while spending time in this wonderful country with beautiful people. The Filipino.

The Philippine Sun

The eight-rayed sun has symbols of unity, freedom, people’s democracy and sovereignty. Also representing each province with major involvement in the 1896 Philippine Revolution against Spain. The three 5 pointed stars represent the 3 major island regions of the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Sun Philippines
There is plenty of sunshine in the Philippines! Not only in the sky but from Filipinos themselves. They will surely brighten your life, if you allow them.

I have about a hand full of foreign friends in Bacolod City but I have 10 X that many wonderful Filipino friends and even more family members! Life is great here in the Bacolod area and I am happy everyday.

The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends!

The Philippines is a much larger country than some realize. There are so many interesting places to visit, just on Negros Island alone. Cebu is another area I enjoy visiting, as well as Panay Island.

Everyday is a party! This sums up the Philippines, alright. Everyday of life is a celebration. I am not referring to the American sense of the word party, where many people drink and get smashed. No, I am referring to a party in celebration of enjoying life. Happiness. We know that no matter what, God has us in his hands. As I like to say, if things don’t work out the way I expected, I can’t hardly wait to see what God has planned for me next! I know it will be awesome!

A party is a groovy thing! Getting together with Filipino friends and family, talking, laughing, having fun, eating and having a few cold ones. If you ever spend one evening with a group of Filipinos, you are hooked for life! Their sunshine and radiance are indeed addicting. You want it and you want to keep it around you every single day of the rest of your life! And…you can believe that!

I hope to see you here one day soon, somewhere, all around Bacolod. Enjoy the Philippine sunshine and keep it over your shoulder. Life is always better!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Philippines Sunshine

  1. Gary, I am not sure if my comment posted, so here you go……………..

    I hope to see you in Bacolod soon also. HAHA

    I am thinking about coming to Bacolod to ride the Everest Zip-line at Don Salvador Benedicto. Does anyone know if you can ride this zip-line in the sitting position? I did not want to ride this on my belly, like a superman position. Let me know.


    Rick Dennis

    Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 06:26:47 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Rick,

    I look forward seeing you here in Bacolod. I only know about the zip line at Mambukal Hot Songs and Mountain Resort and you do it standing upright. Mambukal and The Ruins are 2 must sees in the Bacolod area.

    ~ Gary ~

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